Home, James, and don’t spare reality!

Okay, Buglanders! Who among you knew that Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese are criss-crossing this amazing wide brown land of ours at this very moment desperately trying to win 74 seats?

Anyone? Not the 76 seats to win an outright majority but just 74 to win power in a hung parliament.

Anyone knew that?

Well, James Massola and Katrina Curtis did, in a joint piece for today’s edition of The Sydney Morning Herald.

Here’s their opening salvos….

“Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese have made last-ditch visits to seats they’re trying to snatch off each other as they try to win the race to 74 lower house seats – two short of the required majority.

“A majority government can be formed with 76 seats in the 151-seat lower house, but both leaders expect to rely on the support of at least two crossbenchers each who could get them to the required number.”

That’s right: both leaders EXPECT to rely on the support of at least two backbenchers to get them to The Lodge.

It’s a complete nonsense of course, typical of the rubbish spewed out by rightwingers in the mainstream media who love to play up the chance of a hung parliament in the belief that voters, faced with that possibility, will stick with the devil they know rather than the devil they don’t. And we all know who that is.

The grim reality for LNP supporters is that all the most recent polls have the ALP winning a majority in their own right. The nation’s respected psephologists and poll watchers put Labor’s two-party preferred position around 53/47 or better. And that’s right now, after millions have already voted.

The latest polls have tightened but they all have the LNP on a primary vote of around 35 to 36 per cent, around 6 percent down on their primary vote in 2019 when they just scrapped back into power.

If the LNP musters around 35 percent of the vote tomorrow, they’re stuffed and Massola, the paper’s national affairs editor and Curtis, their Canberra-based political writer, should and probably know that.

The paper’s own most recent poll has the LNP on 34 per cent primary. Admittedly, it has Labor on 31 per cent primary, well below the other polls. Late last week, Newspoll had Labor at 38.

These pars might shed some light on the statements of fact that the two “journalists” have offered earlier as their own, sans quotation marks.

“One Liberal cabinet minister, who asked not to be named so he could discuss the Coalition’s election prospects, claimed momentum had switched back to the Coalition in the final week, following the super-for-housing announcement on Sunday.

“But he conceded it would be difficult for either side to reach 76 seats and form a majority government, based on the party’s nightly tracking poll.”

Oh, right! A Liberal Party insider says the government has gained momentum this week and their internal nightly tracking poll suggests 76 seats is beyond either side’s reach.

All the MGH can say to that is: “Well fuck us roan!”.

The LNP sees a slight pathway to victory in a hung parliament, according to an unnamed Cabinet minister who would miss most terribly his leather bench in Parlie.

Stop the fucking presses!