A helpful coverage summary

Our Media Glass House research teams were working very hard in recent days to deliver a look back at News Corp Australia’s coverage of the federal election campaign.

They had planned to deliver in this edition a comprehensive retrospective and analysis of  campaign coverage by each of the metro daily turdbloids in the Murdoch media empire.

But in the end our researchers decided, in the interests of saving readers of The Bug a considerable amount of time, that a summary in graphic form would be more effective.

So, if you want to obtain an overview of News Corp Australia’s coverage over the past six weeks, just check out our main graphic above.


We’re sure Anthony Albanese and his campaign strategists would have fallen into deep despair this morning when they woke to read one of the Peter van Onselen’s offering predicting a Labor win.

Even some hardnosed political observers among our MGH staff had cause to pause after seeing his column in The Australian. (below)

Some have even removed from the office fridge a couple of the champagne bottles they’ve had chilling in anticipation.

Some readers might view such action as proof of bias among our MGH teams.

They’d be right. But at least we don’t pretend to be even handed like a certain news corporation in Australia we won’t name.


The Adelaide Advertiser took a rather lighthearted approach to the campaign in its dying days – the dying days of the campaign that is, not the newspaper. Although…..?

The Tiser on Friday ran a vox pop, or attempted vox pop, by sending one of its reporters out on the streets to chat to voters.

The reporter reported a sort of widespread indifference among those he buttonholed.

Our researchers think that perhaps the paper might have had more success if they hadn’t tasked a reporter who looks a lot like Scott Morrison (below) to accost people about their political views.

In recent years some news outlets around the world have taken to enlisting a variety of animals to “pick the winner” of everything from elections to major sporting events.

Today’s Advertiser offers readers a story on a prediction of the election outcome by a dachshund called Eva who picked the Coalition to win tonight based on which sausage she chose to snaffle. (below)

It seems a tad unscientific to us, but if Eva has got it right, then the 2025 election may well see an end to the plethora of so-called professional pollsters and their replacement with far more authoritative animal analysts.

The paper did note that Eva got the recent SA state election outcome in March totally wrong. So she’s already proved she’s just as good as Newspoll et al were in 2019.


Good to see the Daily Telegraph has taken to including a disclaimer at the end of Vicki Campion’s weekly column – or anti-Labor advertisement more accurately.

It tells readers that Ms Campion is the partner of Nationals’ leader and Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce – something that should have always been disclosed to readers and should continue to be disclosed for as long as her anti-Labor adverts, sorry… column runs.


To end, is it just us or is the headline below in today’s Brisbane turdbloid The Courier-Mail referencing the last-minute poll results a little bit, shall we say, off?

Former PM Julia Gillard was always drawn by cartoonists and presented by some satirists as having an outsized nose. A feature also exaggerated in caricatures of former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian.

We may be too sensitive and woke, but we have to ask: Was today’s headline a last-gasp dig at Julia G?

We’d like to think not and that it is just a coincidence. But it is a News Corp Australia paper after all.