Sewer rats of Oz …it’s our time!

Fellow men and women sewer rats of Australia!

It’s time to get down and even dirtier in the stenches …. and throw even more shit than we have been to date at this deplorable federal government led by that lying, lazy, layabout, pork barrel of lard, that mendacious, mediocre, muddling, moronic faux-marketer Scott Morrison.

What an absolute cunt of a man. The shit that pours out of his mouth like the busted inlet valve at the local sewage works! The lies he tells as his default position. The way he butchers a speech so effortlessly that he should be wearing a blue and white apron every time he steps up to a microphone.

The guy’s either pissed by lunchtime or he’s got a serious brain function issue. Or both.

We all know he’s not too bright but grudgingly accept the prick’s got the cunning of a dozen shithouse rats.

It’s why the nation’s sewer rats on various social platforms need to up the ante and make sure the shit hits the fuckwit over and over again, every single day, until we toss out Morrison and his ministry of braggarts, bullies, bores, buffoons and bunglers.

Let them sulk and fret in the shadows where they belong after May, also frightened and scared as they await a callup to the dozen or so federal ICACs that Labor in government will need to examine and address all the corruption we’ve witnessed over the nine painful years of government under the Mad Monk, the Fizza and the Liar from the Shire.

This heartfelt plea for a big step up in shit-throwing action was sparked by Josh Frydenberg’s vicious attack on us Twitter sewer rats the other day. Did you hear the Tealster whingeing about the injustice of it all?

Of course, Morrison and his mob absolutely detest trial by media. Social media that they can’t control, that is.

Over the next six weeks, they are going to be perfectly happy by the trial by media that Newscorpse, the Nine mastheads, sadly too many at a spooked and scared ABC and the shock jocks are going to unleash against Anthony Albanese and Labor in a most biased, unprofessional and disgraceful way that has three-fifths of nine-tenths of fuck-all to do with real journalism.

It will be at a gutter level never seen before in Australia. Don’t you just love a level playing field in Australian politics?

It’s up to we sewer rats in shit-filled tunnels across Australia to step up and match the mainstream mediocre handful of shit by handful of shit. They’ll be throwing mountains of it at Labor; we need to more than match that by the shit we throw at Morrison.

After Frydenberg’s blast, I asked a very talented Brisbane artist mate of mine Grant Flockhart to create the graphic shown at top. Don’t those sewer rats look suitably pissed off and angry? Over the next six weeks, I’ll swap the messages on the placards around. Please respond with your own ideas and I’ll try to incorporate them this end.

The Beetrooter? Porter? Anus Taylor? The Spud with Dead Eyes? The options are frighteningly endless.

Over the past four years, I’ve also collected hundreds of what I call “Smoko memes”. They’re largely other people’s work exposing this pathetic, photo-op, poser for who he is, and I’m hoping they won’t mind as I feed them out daily in the weeks ahead.

We need to back up one another to the hilt!

Shattered by Morrison’s win back in 2019, I vowed to follow anyone on Twitter with a bad word to say against the worst PM by far this nation has ever had to suffer under.

And that other dreadful cunt, Rupert Murdoch, and the damage he has inflicted on Australia.

As a result, it doesn’t embarrass me one bit that, for example, my personal handle @drongojourno follows 3135 Twitterers to 1944 that follow. @thebugonline follows 1171 and is followed by 649.

If I find the time while trying to cover Smoko/Smirko/ScumMo in shit, I’m going to ask all who I follow who don’t follow me do so as we sewer rats go the shit-stained mattresses as united as possible. I urge you all to do the same.

For this is total war, sewer rats of Australia! Let’s mobilise and win this one for the country!

Australia simply cannot afford another term of this dreadful, bullying, self-serving, cowardly, blame-shifting, happy-clapping cunt of a fucking excuse for a human being.

Don Gordon-Brown

PS: If there’s anyone out there in Bugland who despises Morrison more than I do, please seek professional help.