Church marks Morrison milestone


Pandemonium broke out at a Sydney mega-church service last night when Prime Minister Scott Morrison reached a milestone in his public career by telling his 1,000th lie in this term of parliament alone.

Members of the congregation at the Hillsong Church service in Sydney left their seats and swamped Mr Morrison, carrying him around the cavernous arena with others giving him a standing ovation lasting 15 minutes. (main picture)

The Prime Minister’s 1,000th lie came shortly after he began his speech to Hillsong members.

“I am very pleased once again not to be at Hillsong,” he said before recalling a previous visit he hadn’t made.

In his opening remarks Mr Morrison also treated the congregation to behind-the-scenes details of his efforts not to ensure that the now resigned head of Hillsong, Pastor Brian Houston, was not on the guest list of a White House reception during the Prime Minister’s visit to the US in 2019.

It was as he began to speak about the upcoming federal election and the “tough fight” he and his government faced to stay in office that the crowd erupted and the loud and lively celebrations took over.

“I’m going to be honest with you,” he said.

At that moment the church’s band struck up, its huge stadium-size TV screen flashed the “1,000 lies” message, and the congregation took to its feet and swamped the Prime Minister.

It was at least 30 minutes before order was restored and Mr Morrison could complete his speech.

Speaking to reporters after not leaving the Hillsong service because he was never there in the first place, Mr Morrison said it was humbling to have his record recognised.

But senior government sources took issue with the church’s decision to recognise the milestone.

“The 1,000 figure for this term roughly translates to one lie every day,” one source told The Bug. “I reckon Hillsong drastically undercooked the figures.”