And the one-man band played on…

Did anyone else think of the Titanic sinking when they saw that promo for tomorrow night’s 60 Minutes piece showing Scott Morrison pretending to play the ukulele and pretending to sing?

For some bizarre reason, I did. I saw him on that sloping deck with that brave band playing tunes as the ship went down. It was always the highlight for me in movies about the Titanic, from A Night to Remember, the cleverly named Titanic and that wonderful book, And the Band Played On… and various LPs about the tunes they played.

Call me a sentimentalist. Or maybe I just like the idea of Scott Morrison sinking without trace after striking an iceberg of voter disgust come the May election.

I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a ukulele among the instruments on board that fateful night back in 1912 so I just thought Scottie and his midget pretend-guitar would have fitted right in.

I can even see him turning to James Cameron’s lens and saying: “Ladies and gentlemen of Australia, it’s been a privilege to pretend to be a prime minister for you!”

The other reason tomorrow night’s cream-puff piece by Karl Stefanovic had me thinking icebergs and unsinkable ships is that politicians in real strife are said to be rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Morrison isn’t adjusting deckchairs just yet but his loving family have pushed their chairs closer to around a table, at Kirribilli House I’m guessing, for hopefully a much needed boost in his fortunes by reinforcing his daggy-dad, loving father and husband persona.

And to use once more his secret weapon, his darling Jen.

So, what are we to make of this segment on Sunday night?

What can we expect out of the Channel 9 Sydney studios and Liberal Party fundraising venue and from an organisation chaired by Peter Costello and which also owns The Scott Morrison Herald?

I’m hoping she won’t mind my enlisting her help but I turn to that wonderful wordsmith, great investigative reporter, social commentator and brilliant twitterist Ronni Salt.

Pulling together research beyond this ranter’s skillset, Ronni has examined those moments when Jenny Morrison miraculously fronts up for these “the amazing woman behind the man” exposes.

A few days ago, Ronni tweeted: Let’s revisit [a thread of hers from 2021] again in light of @60Minutes latest fluff and propaganda piece on Mrs Morrison – a woman they claim is somehow “secret”.

Scott Morrison will wheel out his wife whenever he is in political trouble.

She is not “secret”.

She’s his political shield.

Also from a few days ago and using a montage of media stories, Ronni says:

Here’s Scott Morrison over the years, continually using his wife who is apparently, shhh . . . a “secret”.

I have nothing against Mrs Morrison personally.

But her presence in Scott Morrison’s 24/7 marketing and electioneering cycle is about as secret as the Sydney Opera House.

Ronni had this figured long ago. Here she is from March 13 last year:

As you may have noticed, Mrs Morrison was again featured in today’s Murdoch media.

That her story would be used to protect & defend Scott Morrison in this current political controversy was fairly predictable.

Mrs Morrison’s story is often commodified to protect her husband.

Also from March 13 last year, Ronni listed Jenny’s main appearances up to that time to shore up her hubbie’s career.

No 1 – July/Aug 2018, when Scott Morrison was vying for PM
No 2 – April/May 2019, when Morrison was fighting for re-election
No 3 – Sept 2019, when Brian Houston tried for an invite to the WHouse/Trump trip scandal
No 4 – Feb/March 2021 Morrison’s current rape crisis.

If Ronni hasn’t convinced us all to avoid at all costs this 60 Minutes segment around the very sad story of a woman who tragically fell in love with a horrible, horrible psycho who just loves to lie, and the whole shebang put together by a grinning Karl Stefanovic pretending to be a journalist, no-one will.

Don Gordon-Brown