PM to tiptoe through the tulips

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been picked to star in a new biopic about colourful US entertainer, the late Tiny Tim.

The US backers of the project told me they had been searching the globe for someone to fill the lead role and had settled on the Australian PM after catching his rendition on the ukulele of April Sun in Cuba.

Their planned film will tell the tale of Tiny Tim who shot to prominence in the late 1960s on legendary American weekly comedy show Laugh In (pictured) where he famously sang Tiptoe Through the Tulips in his distinct falsetto voice.

Born Herbert Khaury in New York in 1932, Tiny Tim attracted a cult following for his renditions of songs from the early part of the 20th century, most notably from the turn of the century to the 1930s, and appeared on numerous TV shows and toured the US and the world until his death following a heart attack in 1996.

The backers of the biopic apparently saw and heard Mr Morrison’s musical talents during one of their regular internet searches for ukulele players.

They told me they had stumbled across the preview being aired by the Network Nine for its  Sunday night 60 Minutes program showing the PM entertaining his wife and two daughters – and special assignment reporter Karl Stefanovic – by playing the ukulele.

They wasted no time in signing Mr Morrison to a contract and rushing him into a make-up room to transform him into Tiny Tim for promotional shots. (main picture)

Mr Morrison has refused to comment on the venture but a spokesperson told me the PM was now more relaxed about the outcome of the coming federal election “now that he knows he has a new career he can fall back on”.