The unknown brownnoser cleans up

As The Bug predicted very early in November the winner of The Media Glass House Arse-Licker award for that month has gone to the still unidentified Sydney Morning Herald reporter who covered himself in prime-ministerial faecal gory at an Anthony Albanese presser back then.

This extraordinary arselicker “journalist” was never likely to be bettered in the weeks that followed, given his line of questioning that blindly, stupidly, unashamedly assumed that anything Scott Morrison has ever said about electric vehicles had to be true and deserved total reinforcing.

This brownnoser tried to wedge the Opposition Leader, presenting as fact a tweaked line of unadulterated bullshit the PM had spun over EVs.

Remember that at this point, Morrison had continued to double down on all the lies he had ever told over the issue but he was particularly keen to dress up and repress the one that Labor back then and still now wanted to mandate EV numbers, to foist these costly things on Australians against their will.

All so very, very unAustralian and something Smoko and his side of politics would never, ever do, okay! It’s all about FREEDOM! of choice really. Only the Liberals can offer FREEEEEE-DOMMMM!

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a journalist trying for a gotcha moment on a politician. To extract from them something they really would have preferred not to say. Or in this bloke’s case, to let SMH management know he’s made of the Right stuff.

But if there were to be just one issue that any journalist with a modicum of nous, the barest knowledge of its history, the litany of lies Morrison continues to tell around it, would and should stay well clear of, it’s EVs.

But not our unknown Sorbent replacement specialist.

Off camera, he tried to wedge Albanese by stating as fact a key major Morrison EV lie that the PM continues to push in the hope that those morons in marginal seats who swallowed this bullshit back in 2019 will offer their plate and beg for “more!”

“The Prime Minister says he is backing Australian choices, not putting bandaids on them and not telling them what to do,” his preamble began, sounding very much like an oral submission for an LNP public relations position.

He demanded to be allowed to finish his question when Albanese bristled up and started to respond. “My question is are you proud of Labor’s record of things like quotas and mandates on everything from women…”

Wow! Simply WOW. The Rachel Baxendales of this world would be so, so proud. Maybe in awe, even.

Let’s be frank here. Only a rusted-on Tory thinking only with the far right of his brain could twist Shorten’s target or goal – it certainly was not a mandate – of 50 per cent of all new car sales by 2030 being EVs into an assault on people’s rights and freedoms, as Morrison was attempting to do here. If you’re masquerading as a journalist who pretends to know things and not just a one-man PM cheer squad, you’d be a goose to touch it, especially as the world’s vehicle manufacturers probably won’t be making petrol and diesel vehicles come 2030.

So, we salute The Unknown Suckholer. Please tell us who you are even though we won’t be sending you our perpetual Arse-Licker of the Month trophy.

In some ways, we wish we could. You must be devastated that Nine Entertainment Co boss Peter Costello has given Bevan Shields the job of SMH editor and not you!

Sure, Shields has done everything exactly Right to grab that job but Costello simply must have missed your amazing audition back at that media call. You, sir, are an amazing ringmaster! A coit cleaner par excellence.

It will be a travesty of justice if you don’t, at the very, very least, get slotted straight into Shields’ old job with an even bigger salary than Bevs enjoyed and warranted.

And we will find out who you are one day, sir, so we can pay true homage to your arselicking genius. We know your voice. A face covered in scomonal shit should be the other giveaway,