Porter clarifies comments


Former federal attorney-general Christian Porter has met Prime Minister Scott Morrison to clarify remarks in the statement he issued announcing his intention to leave the parliament at the next election.

In the statement to his electorate posted on his Facebook page, Mr Porter said: “There are few, if any, constants left in modern politics. Perhaps the only certainty now is that there appears to be no limit to what some will say or allege or do to gain an advantage over a perceived enemy.”

A source within the Morrison Government said the statement caught the attention of the Prime Minister who demanded Mr Porter meet him to explain.

“It’s a sign of just how fragile things are within the government right now that the PM was so upset about that line which he interpreted as an explicit reference to his behaviour in the 2019 campaign and his constant barrage of blatant misinformation and untruths against Bill Shorten and Labor,” according to the source who also attended the meeting in the Prime Minister’s Office last night.

“At the meeting the PM recited in detail all the lies he told about Shorten and Labor in 2019 and asked Christian why he would publicly raise all of them again.

“But Christian explained that his Facebook comment was about the personal and political attacks he’s experienced in recent times.

“That appeared to satisfy the PM who thanked Christian and both men agreed that not only was the remark not linked to the PM’s 2019 comments, but that the PM also never made those remarks in the first place,” the source said.