Morrison lauded over virus leadership

vox pop dinkusPrime Minister Scott Morrison has been compared with Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Britain’s wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi and even our own Sir Robert Menzies in an exclusive Bug poll on his performance over the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The Bug sent its roving reporters out, firstly into the deserted streets of our cities and towns, and when that didn’t work, they knocked on doors to find almost universal approval for the PM’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis even though many of the respondents did ask if we had any spare toilet paper.

Here are just some of the thousands of responses of Australians, all grateful for the PM’s stewardship through our nation’s toughest test outside of the two world wars.


vox pop lady ONE - net

Norrie Scotson 91, retired reptile lubricant saleslady, Glebe, Sydney.

Because Mr Morrison, God bless him, was onto this virus thing from the get-go, my nan is safe and sound in her retirement village on the central coast. Our PM has saved so many lives with his quick and selfless actions that I see him as Australia’s Mother Teresa. Do the Pentecostals have saints? If  so, they should make Mr Morrison one.


vox pop man ONE - net.jpg

Shorty Bilson, 52, retired runner and man-boob bra inventor with bad forehead eczema.

Boy, oh, boy! I bet the Labor Party is now mightily embarrassed about the way they pushed through those laws that just about flattened our nation’s income tax rates from the progressive and decent system the nation had enjoyed for more than a century. Mr Morrison has done everything right to date in spending hundreds of billions to try to make sure we come out the other side okay but where on earth is our government going to get the revenue to claw back such a massive debt? Nice one, Labor!


clive vox2

Vela Crimple, 65, housewife, Gold Coast  

Wouldn’t we now be in an absolute pickle if Labor had won the 2019 election and implemented those zillion dollars worth of taxes and cuts that that nice decent Queensland man and friend of the worker Clive Palmer warned us about.


morrison the marketer - net

Morris Scotson, 51, retired marketing expert, Gosford, NSW.

The Prime Minister’s leadership over Covid-19 has been exemplary. As a former marketing expert, I more or less wrote Mr Morrison off after his Hawaiian holiday and summer bushfire stumbles yet here he is, leading from the front and now shaping up as arguably Australia’s greatest ever democratic socialist leader.



Sony Scot-Morris, 50, advertising agency head honcho, Cronulla, NSW.

Clawing back the massive revenue needed for the federal government to get back on track financially after this Covid-19 crisis is over is going to take enormous marketing skills.  And that’s why I’m backing PM Morrison to convince the public of the need to axe unaffordable imposts on the government purse such as outdated and illogical franking credit rebates, unfair negative gearing tax breaks for property speculators and various other tax rorts that this nation simply can no longer afford.


dutton woman SMALL

Mrs Peta D. Utton aged 47 — housewife from Strathpine, Queensland.

No-one has done more to flatten the curve and save Australian lives during this Covid-19 crisis than our fantastic Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

But what I’m keen to see is some real action taking against the total fuckwit who allowed that cruise ship to dock in Sydney, making the virus infection rate much higher than it needed to be. That useless, stupid, prick should be strung up by his balls, if you’ll pardon the French.