Sales withdraws 7.30 resignation


ABC 7.30 presenter Leigh Sales has withdrawn her resignation as the program’s host, telling The Bug she had been buoyed by widespread support on social media for her efforts the other night to at least try to make Prime Minister Scott Morrison look honest.

“I still think I had absolutely no control over the bugger but the kind words of support at least made me think over the last 24 hours: who could have done better?”

“I think everyone knows that teaching cows to sing would be easier than getting a straight answer out of the PM.

“So I rang around to see who might not only be up to the task but willing and available to take it on.

“I rang Carrot Top [Kerry O’Brien] and he said: ‘You’ve got to be kidding!’

“I then got The Earl [Quentin Dempster] on the phone and he rather statesmanlike replied: ‘That’s a matter for you, Leigh’.

Ms Sales said she then rang the Attack Dog [Sarah Ferguson] but couldn’t understand her response because she’s doesn’t speak Chinese.

“In desperation, I then rang Hamish Macdonald [Hamish Macdonald] and he said he would take my call ‘as a comment’.

“I also phoned Brachyura [Annabel Crabb] but she just bored me shitless with her idea for a current affairs show about recipes and Tom Jones [Tony Jones] didn’t help. He just kept interrupting me all the time.”