Leigh Sales: Why I’m quitting!


An emotional Leigh Sales has explained overnight why she’s quitting immediately as host of the ABC’s 7.30 current affairs television program after a trainwreck of an interview with Prime Minister Scott Morrison last night.

“I didn’t lay a glove on him,” a deflated and sombre Ms Sales told The Bug exclusively this morning, completely ignoring our lead for a follow-up and suitable standard-gauge railway metaphor.

“If I honestly thought I could turn things around and at least hold my own in a shoutathon with the PM next time, I’d stay on. Sadly I just can’t see that happening.

“He’s just too good for me.”

Ms Sales said she always knew that interviewing Mr Morrison was like “juggling eels”.

“Take his admission, finally, after many months, that he had invited his spiritual mentor Pastor Brian Houston to that White House dinner.

“I thought my approach in asking him why he chose secrecy on this and other issues such as his Hawaiian family holiday rather than being upfront with Australians was a good one, yet I was swamped with a barrage of accusations that I was a fellow traveller of the Labor Party pushing a ‘bubble’ minor issue that Australians were no longer interested in.

“We’re dealing here with a man who will swear white is black on the program one week and then tell you the next that he has always believed black is white.

“A normal human being would at the very least have the decency to blush doing that but Mr Morrison just sits there and smirks, which puts you off your line of questioning even more.

“He then bangs on with his slogans such as technology before taxes that even he wouldn’t have a clue what they mean.

“Maybe someone can hold their own with this political individual who I believe is unique outside of the United States and Great Britain but sadly it’s not me.”

Ms Sales said she did not see her departure from 7.30 as the end of her journalism career.

“Given my experience and qualifications, I hope to get a senior position at Australian Associated  Press,” she told The Bug.