Subtle shift in PM’s mantra


Federal government sources say Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called on his marketing genius to execute a subtle adjustment of his government’s major economic message to voters.

From the night Treasurer Josh Frydenberg delivered the 2019-20 Federal Budget, right up to the May 2019 federal election and ever since, the government has repeatedly said the nation’s finances were “back in the black” and “back on track”.

Despite the 2019-20 Budget containing only forecasts of a surplus, with the actual outcome not known until after the end of the financial year in June 2020, Mr Morrison and Mr Frydenberg have continued to repeatedly use the “back in the black” line.

However, recent multiple budgetary impacts including the nation’s ongoing drought, its unprecedented bushfire crisis, floods in some parts of the nation, and now the coronavirus response  have already eroded the nominal surplus on which the Treasurer’s budget night “back in black” boast was based.

A government source told The Bug Mr Morrison had brought his unparalleled marketing skills to bear to adjust the government’s messaging.

“The PM and the Treasurer (main picture) told a Cabinet meeting this week that they and others in the government’s senior leadership team should now slightly tweak their rhetoric on the budgetary position,” the source said.

“Ministers from the PM down will now be saying ‘We’re back in the brown’ because most Australians realise the budget is in deep shit.

“If things get worse we’re prepared to alter our messaging even further to say ‘We’re in deep shit’.

“Besides, if we really get into even deeper shit budget-wise, the PM has come up with a plan to tell Australians that ‘The shit we’re in would be even deeper under Labor’.

“He can then roll out the usual scary claims about Labor’s death tax, pensioner tax, carbon tax, and the usual general wild claims about Labor’s debt and deficit.

“The man’s a true genius and so many morons believed him last election, so it’s all good,” the source said.