Nothing …. NUTH-THING! to see here


Josh Frydenberg’s hold on his federal seat of Kooyong is safe, senior political strategists believe, after the Treasurer made filings before the Federal Court yesterday in a case challenging the May election outcome in his Melbourne electorate.

In the filings, Mr Frydenberg (pictured above) stated “I know nothing! NUTH-THING!” over and over again in relation to Liberal Party electoral signs that allegedly misled voters into voting Liberal at the election.

The challenge to Mr Frydenberg has been brought by another Kooyong candidate Oliver Yates who claims Liberal Party signs deliberately copied Australian Electoral Commission colours and used words in Chinese to the effect that the only “correct voting method” was to put a one next to the Liberal candidate.

Several political experts approached by The Bug have lauded Mr Frydenberg for how he laid out his filings to the court, posing theoretical questions and then answering them with an emphatic “I know nothing! NUTH-THING!”

Examples shown to The Bug include:

Did the Liberal Party’s registered officer in Victoria, Simon Frost, authorise these signs, all on his own, with no input from anyone else?

Frydenberg: “I know nothing. NUTH-THING!”

Did Mr Frost intend those signs to simply say in Chinese “make your vote count” by voting Liberal but that was unfortunately lost rather badly in translation?

Frydenberg: “I know nothing! NUTH-THING!”

Did the Liberal Party signs actually say in Chinese that if electors didn’t give their first vote to the Liberal Party, trained Triad killers would silently enter their homes in the dead of night and cut the throats of all their children and both sets of grandparents?

Frydenberg: “I know nothing! NUTH-THING!”

Did the purple colours of the signs so precisely match those of Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) signs nearby that even a blind old Chinaman would have thought they were the same?

Frydenberg: “I know nothing! NUTH-THING!”

Was it a total coincidence that these Liberal Party signs in many cases were put up beside AEC information signs?

Frydenberg: “I know nothing. NUTH-THING!”

One analyst, The Australian’s contributing editor Peter Van Onselen, called Mr Frydenberg’s defence strategy “simply brilliant” as it punched holes clear through “wishy-washy” existing AEC rules regarding correct campaigning procedures.

Another analyst, politics professor Peter Van Onselen supported that assessment “with several key qualifications” that he noted in point form, using numbers.

But there was one dissenting voice among experts contacted by The Bug.

Peter Van Onselen, political editor for the Channel 10 Network, called Mr Frydenberg’s defence strategy “basically flawed” as it relied on ignorance as a defence.

Mr Frydenberg concluded his filings by stating that anyone who didn’t believe he was completely innocent of any electoral wrongdoing was “a Jew-hating, Holocaust-denier who should be totally ashamed of themselves”.

The Bug understands that almost exactly the same filings have been made by Liberal Gladys Liu, (pictured below) who is also under challenge for the same reasons in the neighbouring electorate of Chisholm.

The AEC is part of the current court proceedings but has previously ruled that it could not take action against either politician or the Liberal Party because the signs were properly authorised and there were no rules regarding the use of colours in campaign signs.

The AEC was not at court yesterday as it was at the dentists having some teeth inserted.

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