Musk outlines business plan


Head of the SpaceX group Elon Musk says he can guarantee his planned rocket flights to and from Mars and around the globe will become shorter and cheaper as the technology improves.

But Mr Musk’s explanation of the SpaceX business model based on his reuseable Starship rocket (main picture) has worried investors and caused the company’s share price to plummet.

“Man, I’m tellin’ ya, with this first generation of our SpaceX Starship rocket we can get people to Mars in around nine months,” Mr Musk told an investor briefing at its California headquarters (pictured).

amusk“We’re working on making that a much shorter journey and, man, we reckon we can get it down to perhaps six months.

“After that we’ll be working on how to get people back to Earth.

“By using the same rocket we can offer supersonic flights from, say New York to London, that will take only about one hour. London to Sydney would take about four hours. Singapore to Sydney would be a 20-minute flight.

“Admittedly tickets would cost tens of thousands of dollars. But man, for the time you save it’ll be real cheap.

“Plus, as we develop each generation of the Starship rocket we’ll cut the time even more.

“So in a few years it won’t take any time to make a trip anywhere in the world and eventually you’ll arrive at your destination well before you leave.

“That’s minus time, man. It means free flights. You won’t need to buy a ticket because by the time you need it, you won’t need it.

“Man, that’s just mind-blowing isn’t it?” Mr Musk said before officials from Spacex hustled him from the podium.