Has Nine sunk Palaszczuk yet?

So, has the Queensland Labor government of Annastacia Palaszczuk fallen on its sword yet and resigned in utter disgrace?

We at The Bug’s Media Glass House reluctantly have to ask this because we’ve been on the road and can only assume that Channel Nine Brisbane’s 6pm news week-long expose of the government’s rorts, wastes and rampant corruption has paid off?

Did Tim Arvier – we assume it was Tim the entire week because callong out the Queensland government is his gig – nail it on behalf of the news editors at Nine who clearly want Palaszczuk gone more than two years early.

Here’s our problem. Being on the road, we decided to wait until week’s end to evaluate all five nightly reports on arguably the worst state government Nine Entertainment Co. chairman Peter Costello has ever seen.

So yesterday, we went onto 9Now to review all of Tim’s scathing reports on the shameless waste of taxpayers’ funds by the Palaszczuk mob across all levels of shonky and shameful governance.

And we found that for the umpteenth time over recent years, 9Now has changed its format and only Friday night’s bulletin was available.

What we learnt from that one bulletin was that there wasn’t a new scandal for Tim to report on. Just an update on one of his earlier reports about the money the Crime and Corrupt Commission has spent trying to make journalists disclose their sources.

The yarn had the state’s young Attorney-General explaining how this waste would be fixed in future by the introduction of strong shield laws to give journos more protection.

What! Hardly a yarn, Tim, to have Opposition Leader David Crisafulli heading out to Government House to accept a commission to form government.

Was this really one of the earlier yarns you relied on to bring the third-term Palaszczuk government to its knees, Tim?

Maybe the other three days were more powerful? Another rehash of the “wasted” cost of the Wellcamp quarantine camp and the scandalous on-going rental cost until next year for what’s now an empty joint?

Perhaps we’ll never know but bagging the state government has been Avier’s shtick for a long time now.

Forget this past week’s hatchet job. Some of the bulletin’s promos during Millionaire Hot Seat have been editorialising masterpieces in recent weeks with fuck-all to do with fair and balanced journalism.

Stuff along the lines of “Coming up…Queenslanders appalled by the latest tragic waste of money by the Palaszczuk government ……”

And in the actual bulletin? The Queenslanders appalled were, of course, Opposition leader David Crisafulli and Jarrod Bleijie.

And the ones accusing the government of tragic waste? Yep, Opposition Leader David Crisafulli and Jarrod Bleijie.

Channel 9 News. Still the One gunning for wasteful, corrupt, useless, directionless Labor governments everywhere.