If the cap fits?

So, the question on everyone’s lips – everyone’s chapped lips – is this: should those dunce caps shown hovering above be lowered firmly and stuck on permanently on our beloved Prime Minister and his Treasurer?

In this ranter’s opinion, BRING ‘EM DOWN! GLUE THEM ON!

It’s now 78 days since the election – a good two-and-a-half-months since Labor took over and found out just how woeful the books were under Morrison and his ministry of morons – and the two men above are steadfastly refusing to axe those disgraceful third-stage personal income tax cuts that largely favour the well-off.

Repeat: the cuts are about as un-Labor as any policy could possibly be.

Albanese and Chalmers might be less offensive if they moved and seconded that the Tree of Knowledge be turned into matchsticks and sold as a local party fundraiser.

The third-stage tax cuts have four-fifths of six-eighths of fuck all to do with Jim Chalmers’ repeated aims and claims, on the hustings and now in the House – that every lever of economic management must be directed to things that improve productivity, profit and people’s wages.

Giving a $9000 tax cut to Clive Palmer does absolutely nothing towards achieving that.

Albanese knows that. Chalmers knows that. Yet both men seem to think they would pay a hefty price for breaking an election promise to honour the tax cuts. They would not. Those who want the tax cuts gone would far, far, outweigh the greedy ones who want to get their hands on them.

Labor was conned into supporting the third-stage tax cuts in 2018 and the cost over the next decade of some $200 billion is simply not supportable on any measure.

The Greens’ Adam Bandt is banging on that the cuts must be axed. He’s not alone with great ideas as to where all that money could be well-and-much-better spent.

Tony Windsor wants them gone; Alan Kohler is scathing in his opposition to them.

My gut feeling is that Albanese, Chalmers and Co. are eventually going to do the right thing, but it will be to their everlasting discredit if the Australian public finally comes to the realisation that they had to be brought screaming and struggling to do the right thing – the Labor thing.

Don Gordon-Brown