Ekka experience at home

THE 2022 EKKA:

Organisers of the Royal Queensland Show in Brisbane – better known as the Ekka — are making it easier for any families who may still be wary of attending the annual event which opens its gates today.

Spokesperson for the Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland (RNA) said because the show had been cancelled for the past two years many families may be reluctant to attend in 2022.

“To get them back into the swing of the Ekka we’re offering them the chance to hire one of our home-delivered Royal Queensland Show kits that gives them the real Ekka experience without leaving their front gate,” the spokesperson said.

“For just the price of a entrance ticket to the real show for each family member, plus a delivery fee, plus a hire fee, we will have one of our DIY Ekka kits (main picture) delivered to their home.

“It all takes just a few minutes depending on what denomination of bank notes families choose to use as fuel for the kits.”

The RNA spokesperson said families who wished to enhance their at-home Ekka experience could buy add-ons to the Ekka kit package.

“For extra fees our delivery drivers will also lay down genuine fresh cow pats for family members to stand in as well as have on hand a range of show bags to lay-by, and of course some real Ekka favourites like microwavable dagwood dogs and microwavable Ekka steak sandwiches and meat pies – all vegan friendly of course – as well as the traditional microwavable strawberry ice-cream sundae cones.

“Our delivery drivers – for an extra fee of course – will hold children by their ankles and spin them around until they vomit to give them a lifelike sideshow alley experience.

“All in all our kit deals offer the real live Ekka experience available at the Bowen Hills showgrounds which, by the way, is still the best-value day out in Brisbane when you amortise the ticket prices over the full year between shows.”

The spokesperson said the RNA was confident the actual physical 2022 show would break attendance records after two years of no shows.

“I’ve already seen the gate entry figures for all 10 days of this year’s show and they’re looking good,” the spokesperson said.