Poll points to hung parliament: top scribes


The first #Newspoll of the 47th federal parliament suggests a disastrous hung parliament would have been the likely outcome if an election had been held last Saturday, two of the nation’s most respected politics scribes have concluded.

Nine Entertainment Co. senior journalists, the highly respected Phillip Coorey and Chris Uhlmann, have poured over the poll findings and they suggest a damaging hung parliament would have clearly been the result, a disastrous and unstable situation that a nation recovering from COVID-19 and other economic ill-winds entirely created by overseas events could have ill-afforded.

“With the Labor and the LNP so close together on primary votes in Sunday night’s poll,” Coorey wrote in The Australian Financial Review this morning, “it would be very unlikely either side of politics could have gotten anywhere near the 76 seats needed to secure majority government.

His colleague over at the Nine Network, the equally highly respected Uhlmann echoed Coorey’s comments in a Nine News comment piece on the Today show this morning.

“We can only hope that had there been an election last Saturday, voters would have woken up to themselves as they neared polling booths and swung back behind the LNP, the only side of politics capable since federation of providing good, strong economic management and honest, hard-working government,” Uhlmann said.