Maley mucks up …. again

The Bug‘s Media Glass House used to admire Jacqueline Maley from The Sydney Morning Herald as one of the few columnists in the mainstream media worth reading.

That was until a while ago when she opined that at the very least Scott Morrison deserved to be admired for his leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. It probably wasn’t the first time The Bug realised there were two Scott Morrisons wandering out there during the 46th Parliament – the one the bulk of the Australian people saw all too sadly; and the one the great bulk of the mainstream mediocre saw, which sadly included on this occasion Ms Maley.

Which brings us to a really basic facts fuckup by her in The Sun-Herald at the weekend, one that someone on her salary – the bitter, old hacks who compile the MGH can only drool about what that could be – should never, ever make.

Barely into her column, Ms Maley declared that Australia has had only one female speaker of the House of Representatives. There have been three. Oops!

Rolling around in her grave of the past nine years on reading this information would have been Labor’s Joan Child, the first female Speaker who controlled the House from February 11, 1986 to August 28, 1989.

Still with us and equally suitably unimpressed would be Labor’s Anna Burke, who controlled the workings of the Lower House from October 9, 2012 to November 12 2013.

Would it be churlish of the MGH to suggest that any scribe who thought Morrison led the COVID fightback well, despite the great mass of evidence to the contrary, has probably only remembered Bronwyn Bishop?

The Speaker after Burke, Bronnie didn’t control the House at all well for nigh on two years and was probably the shittiest and most incompetent Speaker in Australia’s history – well, at least until Andrew Wallace came along.

So, how does someone on Maley’s salary, with her supposed years of experience and with politics as supposedly one of her specialist areas, get something so badly wrong?

That’s for her to ponder. What the MGH will also ponder is this: where the fuck was a sub-editor of sufficient knowledge and longevity to have not read Maley’s opening paragraphs and not have picked up the error immediately with alarm bells ringing loudly in their head?

That’s if The Sun-Herald still has any sub-editors?


We here at The Bug‘s Media Glass House – or as we sometimes prefer to call it, The-Far-More Frequent Media Watch – were chuffed to see that our sometimes part-namesake finally caught up with one of our stories last night.

Paul Barry’s Media Watch had a segment on the shameless highrise residential property project plug masquerading as news on Channel 9’s Gold Coast nightly news.

We went one better on July 16, taking the mickey out of Nine’s Brisbane news team for plugging the same project – with breathtaking alerts earlier during the bulletin – way back on July 16!

Okay, okay, settle down! We know we can react quickly to the shit that passes as quality journalism in today’s mainstream mediocre – for example, our top piece on dunce Maley was ready for upload about 10am on Sunday after we had phoned Anna Burke and the family of Joan Child to triple check our facts but we kept it back – and we appreciate that Paul Barry’s show, or as we sometimes call it The Not-As-Frequent Media Glass House takes time to prepare, let alone the restrictions of a once-weekly show.

Still, we’re entitled to gloat just a little, right? More than two bloody weeks ago!!!

And at least we had the good sense to point out that any wanker who thinks a $100,000 plus BMW electric car is free and not included in the purchase price of these luxury units should contact us immediately. We have some bridges for sale that they might be interested in.


The regularity and professionalism of our Media Glass House as detailed above does come at a cost, the biggest being the heavy personal emotional burden it can place on our research staff.

Evidence of that sad fact was presented a few days ago when one of our dedicated, but overworked MGH researchers submitted an MGH item for consideration drawn from the clipping below from a recent News Crap Australia turdbloid about the upcoming appearance of UK celebrity TV cook Nigella Lawson on an Australian cookery show.

The researcher in question was convinced that the unnamed author and sub-editor of the item was making blatantly suggestive allusions to the trademark seductive persona Ms Lawson adopts in front of the cameras whenever she is in a kitchen.

Our excited researcher claimed the word “tuck” in the article’s headline was definitely chosen because of a link readers could make by applying common rhyming slang. The same claim was made about the reference to the Binge liftout appearing in News Crap Australia turdbloids.

In the story itself, the highly strung researcher suggested a deliberate sexual innuendo had been employed in the lead paragraph that had Ms Lawson assuring readers that the Aussie show on which she was to be a guest star “will return to its foodie roots”.

We won’t bother detailing the explanation our clearly overstressed researcher gave for the inclusion of the word “focus” apart to say it involved a somewhat wild theory about “subliminal syllable deconstruction”.

We can assure MGH readers that Bug management quietly thanked the researcher for their work and sent them home on enforced sick leave with an order to rest for at least a week as well as to seek an appointment, at management’s expense, with an appropriate medical professional at the Betty Slocombe Clinic for Double Entendre Research.