Grant us a free Thursday night

Ouch! The Bug‘s Tweet of the Week judges simply could not go past this wonderfully short and extremely sarcastic offering from Michelle @ mishyloan (above and below) to the news that Stan Grant would be the new permanent host of the ABC’s Q&A program.

You are naughtily wicked, Michelle. Your non-cash prize is not in the mail.

The Bug‘s own Twitter offering on this subject was to announce Q&A would now be a 90-minute show to allow time for all of Grant’s endless interruptions and lengthy, self-important, soliloquies.

Okay, onto the first week of the 47th federal parliament and The Bug‘s twitterfeed enjoyed a few sporting analogies over the first #QT presided over by a Labor Government.

So well done to Speak up for great Oz @ashk1ng67 and Anthony Norman @stormin68 for these offerings.

Given our passion here for all things anti-Rupert Murdoch, we enjoyed this reply from an old friend of The Bug‘s and fellow retired scribe, Peter Klages @PeterKlages to some confected outrage from Newscorpse trying to deflect from the grim reality that Peter Dutton’s drowning Opposition had long given up clutching at straws by the end of the first week of sittings.

We are indebted as usual to MFW @MFWitches for their pithy observations on the lowly Member for Cook, who unfortunately couldn’t do his paid job in the first week of Parliament because he had a prior commitment at a four-hour meaningless talk fest in Tokyo with some other former “world” leader and now collective loser has-beens.

Which, of course, gives us a chance to show this image of Smoko in the far-back Opposition seat where he should never, ever, have left.

Right, let’s now have some fun with the ABC’s Andrew Probyn who saw a different #QT than most viewers took in!

Anthony Norman @stormin68 – yes, he’s back for a second dip – and Robyn Byrant @robynbryant33 made these observations…

And now for a tilt at Sussan “this goes with this goes with this…” Ley from Rick @colonelhogans

Rick of course was reflecting on the floundering Opposition’s decision in week one of Parliament to concentrate when all else fails on some old-fashioned union bashing, if for no other reason than to show how bereft they are of issues to mount moving, as Julia would say, forward. Eddy Jokovich @EddyJokovich also picked up on this…

Also showing in Parliament why Jim Chalmers might be the federal Treasurer for a very long time was Angus Taylor. Politic@l Spinner @LesStonehouse didn’t miss his chance.

And finally an issue that The Bug intends to bang on relentlessly about until you-know-who wake up to themselves are those disgraceful third-stage income tax cuts. Take it away Tony Windsor @Tony Windsor @TonyHWindsor.

Did we use this image before? We’re not quite sure.