Aunty Pauline slaps down The Voice

BRISBANE: The chances of a referendum being passed to enshrine The Voice as a permanent contribution to federal parliament has suffered a major blow with the total rejection of the concept by Australia’s white indigenous leader Aunty Pauline (pictured above).

Leader of the One Nations people, Aunty Pauline said all Australians, be they black indigenous First Nations people, white indigenous One Nation Australians such as herself as national spiritual leader of the Fishandchippery tribe who have roamed south-east Queensland for decades or indeed all non-Muslim migrants who now call Australia home, should be treated equally.

Using the hashtags #weareonenation and #whitempsmattertoo, Aunty Pauline posted on her website: “In my stints firstly as a member of the House of Representatives and now as a Senator for Queensland, it was up to me to nominate, campaign and win the support of sufficient people to head to Canberra and the same should apply to everyone else as well seeking public office, and that includes John Farnham.”

No-show by former PM

SYDNEY: Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison has issued a written public apology over his inability to attend federal parliament’s second sitting week of the current session.

“After all our weekend spiritual services, I’ve got to straighten up all the chairs in our wonderful main auditorium in our Horizon Church here in the Shire and that’s going to take all week,” he wrote in a statement pasted to the window of his Cook electorate office.

STOP PRESS: Mr Morrison has changed his mind after seeing the results of #newspoll overnight and will now rush to Canberra where he is expected to challenge Peter Dutton for the Liberal Party leadership. “I knew Peter would make even me look good,” Mr Morrison told The Bug as he made his way to Sydney Airport.

NRL’s bid for more inclusion

SYDNEY: The National Rugby League has voted at the weekend that from the start of the 2023 season, all NRL teams must include in their run-on sides, at least two players with normal sounding given names and surnames.