Like a whack-a-mole on crack!

The Bug yesterday ran some excellent tweets from the past week on one single topic: our moronic former Prime Minister’s belief that he’s never believed in governments, especially an Australian one that supports the United Nations. What a fucking bible-bashing fruitcake most of us outside the nation’s mainstream media always knew him to be!

But there were plenty of other issues that caused Twitterverse frenzy this past week, including the news that Sussan Ley sat – no wonder we never saw it! – on a damning environmental report for half a year.

And who better to sum up her disgraceful deceit than one of our favourite Twitterati Ronni Salt @RonniSalt with this wonderful smackdown of the woman who had been popping up everywhere and then strangely disappeared once news of the shocking 2021 State of the Environment report finally came out.

And why should just the minister cop some flak. Your Average Punter rightly roped in the head nutjob as well. Jeez, aren’t we al missing Smoko/Smirko?

And a former Morrison lightweight who continues to shine a light on her dimness is Hollie Hughes, and Squiz @SquizzSTK didn’t miss her. Turning the RWNJ meter up to ‘full pearl’! Bewdiful.

To be fair to Holly, as The Bug always is, she says she didn’t actually use the words “Climate change is not Australia’s problem”.

We’re happy to acknowledge that, confident that somewhere, probably right now, Holly is opening her gob and saying something far more stupid.

Finally, let’s run a few that have some fun with our mainstream mediocre.

We guess Kate was referring to Julie Bishop’s appearance on The Project and various Channel 9 shows when she tweeted this…

… and Captain Nemo’s Left Sock @RuncibleH and Eric of Berwick @DavidFr8475857 had fun as well….