Holy Smoko … what a fruitcake!

Speculation buzzed about on the Twitterverse this past week about whether Smoko Morrison would be brave – or dumb enough – to make an appearance at the opening of the 47th federal parliament tomorrow after his bizarre utterances in a “church” service in Perth recently.

The Bug could ask the same question about whether he’d want to risk walking the streets of Cronulla or anywhere else in the Shire after his declaration that he doesn’t believe in the Australian government, especially one that supports the United Nations.

The Bug‘s Twitterfeed has never seen such a hostile reaction to such moronic jibberish from this lightweight, loser loon and our Tweet of the Week judges took several bottles of a fine single malt before declaring FixatedPersonsUnit @FixatedUnits (at top and below) as last week’s winner.

What a lovely, short, sharp and clever way of putting the future Friar from the Shire in his place.

Coming a very close second to Fixated, etc, was marquelawyers @marquelawyers who also nicely summed up this hopeless hypocrite, this sadsack sook of a sore loser, this god-bothering, goofy-headed goon.

In fact, let’s give marquelawyers a second bite of the cherry with this…

And maybe a word of warning to Holy Smoko: Australia is not the US and it’s also not the late 1950s or even the late 1960s. We’re a more heathen lot since profit …. sorry, prophet …. Billy came a’crusadin’. Book a venue for your upcoming evangelical tours by all means but maybe stay clear of the MCG or SCG. There might be a pub somewhere in the Shire that will let you book a small room at the back for you and your god-bothering loonie friends to give one another a good tongue-talking to.

Okay, we gave marquelawyers two bites of the cheery so, as Tom Gleeson might utter, let’s say hello to Ewart, Dave @davidbewart and Ewart, Dave @davidbewart

Leevardi @leevardi was pretty brutal, as was another regular of ours Dr Sheep Person aka Underclass Prole @noplaceforsheep..

A couple of well-known media types also waded in …. Michelle Grattan @michellegrattan and Bernard “Daniel Andrews should resign immediately” Keane @BernardKeane.

And, finally, let’s end with some kultchure, with a lovely little poem from Variety Garage @varietygarage … another very, very close, entry for tweet of the week, now that our judges have begun to sober up and realise quite a few of our tweets could have shared top honours.

We said finally, because we’ll once again split our tweets of the week in two seeing the Lord-loving loon took up so much space today. Tomorrow: environment reports hidden, election-day decency pirated on the high seas and other issues from the past seven days or so…