Dutton sees an opportunity

As Federal Parliament begins sitting in Canberra for the first time since the May election, The Bug sat down for a brief interview with Opposition Leader Peter Dutton. (main picture)

The Bug: Mr Dutton, thanks for your time today.

PD: The Albanese Government has failed, just as I said it would fail.

The Bug: Oh, right. So let’s skip the niceties.

PD: It will fail, just as I said it would fail.

The Bug: Sure. Now, eight weeks into the new government and with the parliament back in ….

PD: Which has failed, just as I said it would fail.

The Bug: Yeah, yeah. But so far in the past eight weeks is there anything Labor has done in office that you agree with?

PD: Only one thing – yesterday’s announcement by Tony Burke confirming the government will scrap the ABC after winding back its powers.

The Bug: C.

PD: See what?

The Bug: No, C. It’s the ABC…C.

PD: Yes, I do see. And what I see is an ABC that’s a lefty woke outfit engaging in vigilante journalism that’s unfit to continue as our national broadcaster. Tony Burke should be congratulated for finally seeing…

The Bug: We’re getting off the track a bit I think, but “vigilante journalism”?

PD: Yes, it indulges in vigilante journalism no matter how much ABC managing director David Anderson might deny it.

The Bug: Of course he’s denied it because it’s clearly not true.

PD: Where there’s smoke there’s fire, I mean why is Mr Anderson forced to deny the “vigilante journalism” tag? here, just look at these news clipping. (below)

PD: See, it’s in all the papers so it must be true. And that’s just from today’s papers.

The Bug: These clips are all the same story and from News Crap Australia papers. It’s the Murdoch media that makes the “vigilante journalism” claim as part of its ongoing campaign to destroy the ABC because it’s a competitor in the news market. It then runs a story saying the ABC MD denies the claim. A classic loaded question like “When did you stop beating your wife?”. Make an assumption and false claim in a question. Talk about fake news!

PD: Yes, I agree with you, the ABC is full of fake news.

The Bug: That’s not what I said. You’re misquoting me.

PD: I agree, the ABC does misquote people so often, especially those of us on the correct side of politics.

The Bug: You mean the right side of politics, as opposed to the left?

PD: No.

The Bug: Look, we are now way, way off track. Back to the ABC, I mean the ABCC. It’s the ABCC Tony Burke was talking about.

PD: See.

The Bug: See what?

PD: See how you people in the lefty media try to steer an interview in your own predetermined way.

The Bug: No. I’m saying Burke was talking about the ABCC! The Australian Building and Construction Commission, not the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

PD: I see.

The Bug: So do you want to reconsider your answer?

PD: The Albanese Government has had more than two months to sell or simply shut down the ABC and it hasn’t done so…..

The Bug: Mr Dutton, thanks for your time.

PD: Yet again the Albanese Government has failed, just as I said it would fail.

The Bug: Turn off the light when you’re finished. Thanks.

PD: I said it would fail, and I am right….