Peta joins Peter’s war of words

It has been plain from the first day of Peter Dutton’s leadership of the Liberal Party that the Albanese Government faces an opposition that will wage a war of attrition with daily negative attacks on anything and everything it does.

That was made clear by Dutton’s assertion in his first news conference as party and opposition leader that the Albanese Government “will fail”.

He has repeated and reinforced the idea of a “failing” or “failed” government ever since and we can expected to hear the word more and more between now and the next federal election.

The Liberal leader hopes that by then it will become an accepted “fact” that the government has “failed” and needs to be replaced.

But Dutton alone can’t make this strategy work. It will take everyone on his frontbench and backbench to join in and sing from the same the “failed government” song sheet.

All Liberal Party operatives need to do their bit to ensure those born to rule reclaim their entitled position in 2025.

Of course that means the Murdoch media, as the Liberal Party’s preferred advertising agency, must also find ways to label Labor as a “failure” in office.

Sky News “after dark” ranter and Murdoch turdbloid column writer Peta Credlin seems to have finally found her preferred word to describe the Albanese government if her column today is anything to go by, if not to go buy. That word is “dithering”. (below)

Her column today accuses the Albanese Government and its Agriculture Minister Murray Watt of “dithering” over the potential threat to our nation and its agricultural industry posed by foot and mouth disease.

Leaving aside what Watt has done – we do so because for Credlin and others in the Murdoch media no matter what Watt does will ever be adequate – we can see “dithering” is going to be Credlin’s label du jour for every jour between now and next polling day and for every issue handled by the Labor Government. (main picture)

Of course our Media Glass House teams are unsurprised by Ms Credlin’s tactics.

They just hope that when they backtrack through their extensive filing system that they will find that she also applied the “dithering” label to the Morrison Government’s efforts in the face of the COVID pandemic, vaccine rollouts, mask mandates, pandemic precautions at aged care homes, climate change, bushfire responses, flood responses, China, China’s moves on South Pacific island nations, our submarine fleet, and a list of other issues.

Yes, you are right in assuming they already know the answer and won’t be bothering to actually search their files.