It’s time… for ALP branches to step up!

It only seems like decades ago – and that’s because it is – that I used to love to rock up to monthly ALP Greenslopes/Holland Park branch and move motions on all sorts of things.

On the weight of my brilliant oratory and logical reasoning despite having a few beers on board, they would become resolutions that our branch secretary would dutifully send off to party HQ down at Ross Street, Newstead.

Never to be heard from or thought about ever again. Still, that was our branch’s lot and that’s the way it was back then. Ross Street still loved the way we’d letterbox shit during campaigns and spruce up our homes to hold fundraisers.

I’m never going to rejoin the ALP – I just know in my heart of hearts I’d most likely resign soon after over something really stupid the Albanese or Palaszczuk governments plan to do shortly – but I do have one question for every ALP branch around Australia.

If you haven’t already resolved to call on – heck, make that demand – that the federal government at its first opportunity repeals those disgusting, so anti-Labor, third stage of personal income tax cuts that grossly favour the well off, THEN WHY THE FUCKING HELL NOT!

Now I appreciate that what I’ve said here and my own party history suggest your missive will fall on deaf ears but so be it.

If that hasn’t been your first order of business these past few months – and I don’t care if your branch is socialist left, centre right, right guard, mudguard or largely independent- then may I humble suggest you now do it at your earliest opportunity. And if you don’t want to do that, may I also humbly suggest you CLOSE DOWN YOUR FUCKING BRANCH RIGHT NOW!

If you can’t see that there are far more pressing ways to spend $138 billion after almost an almost-decade of LNP financial mismanagement cockups, cronyism and corruption, you’re all in the wrong party anyway.

Don Gordon-Brown