A paragraph that’s hard to trump!

As The Bug‘s Media Glass House has mentioned before, it’s sometimes the little fishies that taste the sweetest. It’s something a former top Queensland cop once observed: the little brown paper bags that came across his desk meant as much, if not more, than the large ones stuffed with lobsters and grey nurses.

In MGH’s case, little blunders by the mainstream mediocre are just as interesting in some ways to reflect the direction journalism is taking in this country as, say, wilful and biased distortions during election campaigns by the likes of LNP apologists disguised as supposed politics experts Chris Uhlmann and Phillip Tor… sorry …. Coorey.

And as a great example of a sweet little fishie that just about nails the woeful state of sub-editing across the entire MSM spectrum, we are indebted to Bugger Trina McLellan for this wonderful online paragraph (above and below) that appeared online at The Courier-Mail and news.com.au on Thursday.

The story centred on the appearance of the Orange Baboon’s youngest child Barron at the funeral of Trump’s first wife, Ivana.

As Trina so concisely sums up: Someone give CM a compass, a map, a dictionary and punctuation lessons.

Too far gone for any of that to be of any help any more, Trina?

And here are a couple of other little fishies that we’re not 100 per cent sure about …. and that’s only because it’s a dreary, rainy weekend and we’re going to cast aside just for once our constant pursuit for total accuracy and rely on our aging ears to see us through.

We’re pretty sure we heard Lisa Millar on ABC TV’s News Breakfast a few days back reporting on how angry China is over Australia’s decision to “build” our own nuclear submarines. Maybe she said “buy”?

But if she said “build”, all we can say to Lisa is “I said love, I said pet…… since the LNP government told our overseas-owned vehicle builders to fuck off back overseas, Australia builds just about fuck all.

We might need to uptool and relearn how to make a Victa two-stroke engine before we tackle the intricacies of a nuclear-powered submarine engine room.

And just last night, we’re pretty sure we heard Brisbane-based Channel 9 News reporter Lane Calcutt say the 2032 Olympics will turn Brisbane into a “world powerhouse” or something similar.

Maybe Lane was quoting one of the Olympic organising bods as the Games’ 10-year countdown begins or maybe he was editorialising a tad?

But, really? Little old Brissie a world powerhouse?

We said Lane, we said love, we said pet……….