BBC changes ex-PM’s plan

A move by former prime minister Scott Morrison to enter the popular television cooking market has been delayed by a legal stoush with UK public broadcaster the BBC.

A spokesperson for Mr Morrison told me that the ex-PM has been forced to adjust his plans to star in a cooking show focussed on his talent for making curries.

“Mr Morrison, being an unquestioned marketing genius, knows that the public demand for watching other people cook on TV is a sure-fire way for him to ultimately exit politics and start another career,” the spokesperson confided in me on condition of anonymity.

“As a marketing genius he also knows that the public just loved his incessant social media posts about making curries every weekend when he was PM.

“But he also knows, as a renowned marketing genius, that a catchy title always helps attract viewers to a new TV show and helps boost its ratings.

“He also knows, as a marketing genius, that sex always sells so he decided to shoot a couple of pilot episodes completely naked. (main picture)

“He also gave his new series a sexy name by calling it The Naked Chef, which of course was the name of the BBC series starring Jamie Oliver.

“But being a marketing genius, Mr Morrison thought the BBC wouldn’t notice, but they did and immediately launched court action to block his use of the title.”

The ex-PM’s spokesperson told me that Mr Morrison, as a marketing genius, was proceeding with shooting several pilot episodes of his proposed series but with a revised title.

“Being a marketing genius he is sticking with his idea for a title that sums up the show and has a sexy ring to it and he’ll be re-editing the ones already in the can and calling them The Korma Sutra,” he said.

I can report that so far Mr Morrison has had no interest from any network or streaming service, but as a marketing genius, he no doubt knows he’s onto a good thing.