Mystery man delays disposal

Victorian Police have so far not been able to identify a one-legged man who pestered and harassed marine biologists and animal rescue staff working on the disposal of the whale carcass washed ashore near Mallacoota in the state’s east.

A police spokesperson said because of the man’s interference the disposal team had taken longer than anticipated to confirm that the dead whale was not the famous albino humpback Migaloo.

“This information would have been available a lot earlier if the bystander had not continued to interfere in the disposal work by constantly asking questions about the animal,” the spokesperson said.

“The man was on the scene cursing the dead whale when the disposal staff arrived on the beach and they described him as being ‘very agitated’.

“He refused to identify himself, saying only that he was a ‘hab’, whatever that means.

“The biologists sent to the beach were forced to tell him to keep his distance after he constantly interfered in their work and peppered them with questions.

“For instance he kept on referring to his missing leg and demanding that the marine biologists on site slice open the whale carcass to examine the contents of its stomach.

“He also tried on numerous occasions to harpoon the already dead animal and constantly asked if he could be lashed to the deceased whale by ropes and pushed out to sea.”

The police spokesperson said the bystander’s interference had delayed work to dispose of the whale carcass and he faced arrest if he returned to the scene.


The Chinese parent company of popular internet video app Tik Tok has rejected claims it is harvesting private information from the mobile devices and computers of subscribers.

A spokesperson for Tik Tok’s owner ByteDance told The Bug that the company “forcefully rejected” claims of inappropriate data harvesting in a new report by Australian cyber-security firm Internet 2.0.

“This report is bogus and bears no resemblance to the way our app works,” the ByteDance spokesperson said.

“As if we could look at users’ emails, their hard drive files, or their calendars as the report suggests. It’s just laughable.”

When asked why ByteDance had taken the initiative to contact The Bug’s newsroom just moments after our reporter received an email from the editor assigning the story, the spokesperson hung up.


UK Conservative Party members are calling for the current race to replace Boris Johnson as party leader and prime minister to be abandoned.

A petition presented to the party’s head office said the televised debates involving five remaining would-be leaders in which they all attacked each other’s record and proposed policies had proved none of them was fit for 10 Downing Street.

A previously obscure British political commentator, John Sonboris (pictured) writing in the right-wing Daily Mail newspaper, echoed the complaints.

“It’s now clear that none of those seeking to lead our nation has what it takes,” he wrote. “So why not stick with the devil we know and keep Boris?,” he wrote.

“I mean, his clothes and furniture and everything else are already in Downing Street and at Chequers and it’ll save a fortune if he stays on rather than moves out.”