In God we foolishly trusted!

Short and sweet is often how The Bug‘s tweet of the week judges like it so it’s little wonder that Jacoby @adamajacoby (above and below) has taken out this week’s top award with an observation countless millions around the globe would agree with.

Were there to be a God, The Bug sincerely hopes that Ivana Trump, for all the times she was served under that obnoxious orange baboon spoilt man-child, is now spending eternity plucking a sweet-sounding harp.

Hey, and while we’re on about lying, lowlife poliitcians who should no long be with us, at least in public view, let’s run a few tweets on Scott Morrison. He may be gone from the political highstage but the scorn continues.

Say hello to Bee @BelindaJones68 and The Black Tracker @TheblackTracker….

and also the potty-mouthed but we love them MFW @MFWitches and Solo Monk @JJKKALE2

And while we’re on stinging character assassinations, we pay tribute to Thorn in Bureaucrats Ass @PeterTOWNSVILLE who in any other week might possibly have won the top gong with “Murdoch anal wart”!

And while we’ve got the Dirty Digger in mind, Busta @GutlessScomo had this to spray…

Oh, Busta, we hope so! For Australia’s and the world’s sake.

There was an eclectic mix of subjects that fired up The Bug‘s version of the Twitterverse this past week. One with a celestial and rather cerebral slant came from Derek Robinson @DerekRobinson2

In a week where Twitter had a bit of fun with the ABC’s apparent fondness for singling out cafe owners for their views on current economic issues, Media Analyst @MediaAnalystOz came up with this…

Leevardi @leevardi has a bowl of hot, buttered, popcorn on his mind for when the federal ICAC starts its hearings next year..

…while Phillip Riley @philmupp1 and Loose Unit PM to be named later @BradsStammers had this exchange where it’s obvious they’d like to grab The Flying Kangaroo by the tail and swing it around so fast Alan Joyce flies off never to be seen again.

And in a time when Australians appear to have decided it’s best to live and let die with COVID-19, Politic@l Spinner @LesStonehouse had this clever, if disturbing, take on things.

And finally, because The Bug never likes to miss an opportunity to take the piss out of Peter van Onselen, Kent Parkstreet @kentparktweet reminded us of one of the professor of politics’ favourite predictions from 2020. No, not the one where he said two years ago that Scott Morrison would be re-elected!

Does Professor van Onselen pay students to attend his lectures?