Andy’s role raises concerns

Senior members of the British royal family from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II down are “frightfully  concerned” about plans for a feature film about the disastrous 2019 BBC TV interview given by the monarch’s second son, the Duke of York Prince Andrew.

My sources within the royal household say Her Majesty, and her son and heir the, Prince of Wales Prince Charles, and his son and second-in-line to the throne the Duke of Cambridge Prince William have all expressed concerns about key aspects of the project.

“Their misgivings are not about the fact a film is being planned,” a royal source confided in me. “They accept it is the right of the producers to do that.

“Prince Andrew’s appearance in the BBC Newsnight interview (main picture) is a matter of public record, unfortunately, so there is nothing Her Majesty or anyone else in the family can do to stop it being retold in a feature film.

“Her Majesty and her son and grandson are concerned that Prince Andrew is to star in the film by playing himself.

“After the massive public backlash at his failure in the original interview to show any contrition for his association with sex offender, the late Jeffery Epstein, the Duke of York tried very hard to justify his decision to take part.

“It took some months before he finally acknowledged that he ‘completely fucked himself and his career and almost sunk the Firm’ – to quote Her Majesty.

“So now there is widespread disbelief among the senior royals that Prince Andrew would even contemplate taking part in a film about it.

“But naturally when he made the misguided offer the film’s producers jumped at it and signed him up.”

Another royal insider told me that the concerns of Her Majesty and others have been compounded by suggestions that Prince Andrew had sought to have his ex-wife the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson cast as BBC reporter Emily Maitlis who grilled him in the 2019 interview.

“Apparently the Duke of York believes his ex-wife is the spitting image of Ms Maitlis, although others find it hard to see any resemblance,” the insider told me. (below)

Another source within Buckingham Palace told me that Prince Andrew was very excited when the film’s producers advised that they had cast Sarah Ferguson as Emily Maitlis, only to be disappointed once he discovered they meant the Australian ABC TV reporter and 7.30 host. (below)