Will free car deal fool anyone?

Rich people aren’t fools, right? Oh, okay, maybe we need to quality that, seeing people who inherited their riches could be pretty dumb. Then again, even the nouveau rich could have been more lucky than clever. And we accept even really stupidly dumb people can strike it rich, and not just Pauline Hanson.

Shit, we’re getting all muddled up here. Let’s start again.

One surefire fact is that Channel 9 News in Brisbane definitely thinks rich people on the market for a swank Gold Coast apartment are neither fools or stupid or both. They are astute folk who deserve their richness however it came about and know a bloody good deal when they see one.

Just before the first ad break in its 6pm bulletin last night, newsreaders Andrew Lofthouse and Melissa Downes plugged a top yarn coming up right after sport: a new Gold Coast highrise project offering a FREE BMW electric vehicle with every unit sold.

That’s right! The 28 “high-rise for high rollers” units at the Main Beach project each take up an entire floor with amazing facilities such as a cigar room and a media room, etc. etc. Prayer room?

The MGH suspects that any potential buyer out there who believes the BMW is free probably also believes return air-fares to Europe are free when you book a $40,000 Danube River cruise. Or that Harvey Norman is losing money if they have a half-price sale.

Or that Rugs a Million are hellbent on going broke when they offer a genuine Persian rug worth $999 for only $199.

The story explained that prices for these luxury units still have to be worked out. The MGH is just smart enough to take a pretty good guess what that price tag will eventually include.

The bigger issue, of course, is why Nine News Brisbane thought this shameless commercial gimmick of a free electric car deserved such a prominent shameless free electronic plug.

Guess we’ll have to wait until we see where ads for this amazing project with this unbelievably generous free-car offer start to appear on various Nine Entertainment Co. platforms.