Stoking the right wing flames

Our Media Glass House researchers have been trying desperately to test the veracity of a rumoured name-change for the national daily business newspaper Australian Financial Review better known as the AFR.

There have been strong suggestions that its masthead will soon be changed to read All Fucking Right-Wing given the preponderance of, shall we say, less than left-leaning or moderate columnists it employs.

Certainly the business sector may skew right but probably not as much as some the AFR’s columnists, let alone its newest recruit, former Liberal National Party senator for Queensland, Amanda Stoker who lost her Canberra gig at the May federal election.

We have chosen a photo that appeared in News Corp Australia publications in March which captured the then Senator Stoker at an anti-abortion law rally in Brisbane back then. (below)

To put Senator Stoker’s views into context for those unfamiliar with her record, the Queensland Parliament with the support of three LNP state MPs passed laws decriminalising abortion back in 2018.

Yet the then senator was appearing at rallies calling for the laws to be wound back, if not scrapped, almost four years later.

She was also in the forefront of moves to oppose voluntary assisted dying laws passed last year by the Queensland Parliament, again with the help of 10 state LNP MPs.

To put her public profile into context in another way, one of our MGH researchers who confesses to being a Labor Party voter was told some days after the May election that counting of votes suggested the last undecided Queensland spot in the half-Senate poll would be decided between Pauline Hansen and Amanda Stoker.

The researcher freely admitted to friends that if they had known that, they would have voted for Pauline on 21 May – and several times if they thought they could have done so undetected.

Talk about the Devil’s choice!

Ms Stoker should fit right in at the AFR, although her recruitment is clearly not going down well with the rank and file staff if the blistering attacks on Ms Stoker’s column by its own Rear Window column this week is anything to go by. (below)


Speaking of rabid right-wingers without mentioning Phillip Coorey, does anyone else get the feeling that News Crap Australia’s stable of Liberal Party stenographers will need some tuition in gymnastics if they are to maintain their attacks on the Albanese Government to help fulfill Peter Dutton’s promise that the government “will fail”?

We’ve seen an early sign from Andrew Bolt in his column this week (pictured) attacking the new PM’s approach to China.

Bolt is not quite as thick as some others in the Murdoch stable so he knows that Albanese’s trip to the Pacific Islands Forum is a necessary one given how badly things blew up in the face of the Morrison Government after years of neglect of the island nations’ interests which allowed China to fill the vacuum in places like the Solomon Islands.

Foreign Minister Penny Wong has managed to make several visits to the region and the Forum and Albo’s trip would be viewed by any serious observer as essential.

Yet Bolt contorts himself by claiming that the PM should stay home because that would have more effect in terms of repelling China’s advances. Really? How?  

He also gratuitously labels the PM’s visit as “his fourth foreign jaunt in just seven weeks” which will see him “under the palm trees in the Pacific”.

The last bit is clearly a feeble attempt at a get-square over Morrison’s Hawaiian holiday.

Oh yes, there’s nothing like watching a right-wing Murdoch columnist stretch, roll, and somersault their way to find a way – any way – to attack a Labor PM.


Just what qualifies as “news” these days? That’s the question our MGH team members were asking themselves after seeing this little gem in Brisbane’s News Crap Australia turdbloid this week. (below)

We know there are numerous high-falutin’ definitions that egghead journalism academics have crafted over many decades to define news.

We also acknowledge that those who work in the journalism business all have their own personal definitions.

But we reckon that particular item wouldn’t fit any of them.

Is it news? Well, it could be to a diehard Milo and/or Kit-Kat fan.

But otherwise, it’s just a shitty little filler giving a free kick to blatantly commercial interests.

It’s got no place in a News Crap…..

Oh, hang on. Yes, we guess you spot the flaw in our argument too.