Axe the tax cuts, you silly c***s*!

Got a very simple question for Anthony Albanese and Jim Chalmers: why the fuck haven’t you promised to repeal those stage-three personal income tax cuts yet?

For fuck’s sake, you’ve had plenty of time now to see the Morrison government’s books and no-one of any account is going to blame you for breaking an election promise.

You both know those third round of tax cuts were about the least-Labor thing you could have done when you were conned/wedged/whatfuckingever into supporting them back in 2018 when we all know you could have stuck to Labor principles and opposed them; they would have still got through.

Here’s a refresher neither of you need. The ABC’s Peter Martin, economy editor at The Conversation, reminded us on May 11 that from mid-2024 “the government will put an awful lot of money in people’s hands. Stage 3 of the income tax cuts will cost $15.7 billion in its first year”.

“The stage 3 tax cuts were opposed by Labor at first, but are now backed by Labor treasury spokesman Jim Chalmers after “weighing up a whole range of considerations”. They are overwhelmingly directed at high earners.

“Of the $184.2 billion the parliamentary budget office believes stage 3 will cost in its first seven years, $137.9 billion is directed to Australians on $120,000 or more.”

What shits me right off is that you both know those massive cuts were part of the Morrison government’s plan to flatten the tax rates to billyO, thus depriving that government and all future ones of the funds needed to do the things federal governments have to up have been relied on to do.

You both know that Morrison and before him the Fizza both wanted to be PM but didn’t ever want to do PM. Smaller government was their shtick and farming what was left of it out to their privateer mates was their MO.

The best way to show us you don’t agree with that is to promise to AXE THE FUCKING TAX CUTS.

And please don’t insult our intelligence by telling us it would be too difficult to do. In the Senate, the Greens vehemently oppose the cuts and I’m pretty sure Senator David Pocock would love to see buckets of saved money used to restore the public service in his neck of the woods.

And I don’t need to list the many great things you could be doing with that saved $138 billion. I can if you want me to?

So, here’s what you need to do. Front the cameras now and repeat your recent mantras that the Member for Cook’s books are cooked, then look very sad yet fiercely determined when you say you’re very sorry but you’re going to have to break an election promise and axe the cuts!

Oh, and while you’re at it, use the same very reasonable excuse to reneg on promises not to take another look at franking credits and out-of-control negative gearing.

You guys are kicking some great goals at the moment but if you don’t think you’re capable of weathering a few broken promises such as those and getting re-elected in 2025 anyway – hint: I suspect the federal ICAC is going to be a big, big help – then so fucking help us, The Bug will permanently weld dunce fucking caps on both your heads.

Don Gordon-Brown

PS: Come the next election and those tax cuts are bedded in, you’ll be losing this life-long Labor voter. Yes, I know you’re not going to lose any sleep over it because you’ll get the vote back through our voting system. But my local member, freshly minted minister Anita Wells, might be a little more concerned. Inner seats of Brisbane are turning rather Greenish of late.