Tell someone who cares!

Channel 9’s Brisbane 6pm news recently reported the exciting news that a breakfast radio trio who had lost their jobs at one Brisbane station was moving across to another!

That’s right, after 16 years on air together at 4KQ, Laurel, Gary and Mark would be putting on new headphones and fascinating listeners with their brilliant banter over at 4BC.

And sure enough, their first day in their new radio studio warranted another lengthy news piece from Nine News on Monday night, with Melissa Downes announcing: “Loyal listeners switched over to 4BC to listen to Brisbane’s longest running radio show brought back from the dead.”

Reporter Lily Greer gushed about the dawn of a new era before showing the trio at work bringing their “classic hits and quips” on their official return to the airwaves.

The trio who had seen “their first-day jitters quickly fading” then bantered on with Lily directly, showing why they are household names in an undisclosed number of households.

The MGH openly admits it hasn’t listened to Laurel, Gary and Mark so it should be ashamed for thinking the trio are probably about as witty and creative and entertaining as any other multi-personality radio lineups that have become the bore de jour over recent decades.

So, can any of you Buggers out there guess where we’re going with this? Why is Channel 9 gushing about this? Surely one bite of the cherry – the announcement of their move to 4BC – was enough?

4BC is owned by Nine Entertainment Co. Channel 9 is owned by …. anybody? Yes, you up the back there with your hand up. That’s right ….. Nine Entertainment Co.!

Now if the MGH were Paul Barry on Media Watch, we’d be tut-tutting that perhaps Nine News had a duty to declare the connection at the end of the segment so that Nine News viewers could make an informed opinion as to the story’s real news value or whether it was just a shameless in-house commercial plug.

But the MGH is not that churlish. In some morbid way, we’re looking forward to more breathless Channel 9 news reports on Laurel, Gary and Mark’s first 100 days behind the 4BC mics or maybe some of their birthdays or a special report if a morning passes by and the trio have actually carried on with some chitchat that was refreshingly different, creative and actually worth a chuckle other than their own.


Speaking of Nine Entertainment Co., the MGH wonders if its chairman Peter Costello – arguably the world’s best-ever treasurer of any nation – is in the slightest bit perturbed by persistent social mediocre chat that the company’s print-media masthead The Sydney Morning Herald is drifting (okay, maybe lurching is more accurate) to the right politically.

Perhaps not. Costello seems to think recently appointed editor Bevan “It’s a strike!” Shields is doing a fine job and the chair apparently now has no qualms whatsoever in going along with the decision to have washed-up former LNP Cabinet Minister George “everyone’s entitled to be a bigot” Brandis come on board as a regular columnist.

We’ll let our readers decide whether the Brandis appointment is one designed to bring much needed balance to the musings of Parnell Palme McGuinness and if so, who’s balancing who and on which side of the far-right spectrum do George and Parnell’s minds reside.