Biden glimpses the future

WASHINGTON DC: US President Joe Biden says space agency NASA believes images of the cosmos released this morning could spark a new interpretation of the universe and how time works.

Mr Biden this morning unveiled the first in a range of images taken by the James Webb telescope launched into orbit in December last year. (main picture)

“The new telescope provides images from areas of the universe 13.8 billion light years away which means what we’re looking at was happening almost 14 billion years ago,” Mr Biden said.

“It’s difficult to wrap your head around the concept, but NASA tells me that the images I’ve released today are of cosmic formations from so far back in time that we may actually be looking at the future.

“It’s also mind blowing for me on a personal level that the cosmic formations we see in the images have been captured from the time I was just a boy,” Mr Biden said.


LONDON: Organisers of the annual Wimbledon tennis championships say they plan to introduce a new trophy to be awarded from next year’s event.

A spokesperson for the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club said criteria had been approved for the new Kyrgios Cup.

“It will be awarded each year at the end of the Wimbledon tournament to the player the All England Club judges to be extremely talented but still basically just an unvarnished egotistical loudmouth arsehole,” the spokesperson said.


BRISBANE: Queensland Opposition Leader David Crisafulli has vowed to keep his speeches shorter from now on after his keynote address on Sunday afternoon at the LNP’s annual conference went so long that more than 20 delegates died of old age during it.


BRISBANE: Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson remains in a critical condition in an ICU at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital after accidentally coming across this Channel 10 TV weather report last night while surfing the channels.