A visual gem from Ruby

Never before has The Bug’s twitterfeed been awash with such vitriol over one issue – the angry and disgusted responses came thick and fast over the disgraceful, unprofessional, dangerous heading The Sydney Morning Herald ran in both its hardcopy and online platforms on Saturday (pictured below)

The Bug shared the views of many who suggested that anyone involved in creating and then allowing that heading to stand just a day after Japanese ex-prime minister Shinzo Abe was shot dead should, at the very least, be booted up the bum. Many suggested much worse penalties.

There were so many great responses that all could have earned the tweeterer The Bug‘s tweet of the week honours that they left our judges in a bind. The beneficiary of that is Ruby Red @ThongLyn (above and below) who concentrated on another favourite of The Bug‘s – how the fuck did three of the world’s most loathsome, lying, lazy cunts conned their way into leading their respective countries?

And well done to whoever Lewis is!

Before we get back to that heading that deserves a professional beheading at the very least, jen l w-w @jemaggie also provided a nice visual response to what the the demise of Boris Johnson last week really meant.

As did bradpsychology @bradpsychology and Brendan Conroy @Firebirdseven.

Boys! Boys! Boys! In any other week, “decaying cancerous lizard” and “one persistent floater left” could easily have saluted our judges.

Now back to THAT heading.

Suggesting the toughest penalty possibly was retired multi-Walkey Award winning journalist Tony Koch @TonyKoc69285191…

Two indignant twitters who used the same image to suggest a-not-quite-so-drastic penalty were leevari @leevardi and Derek Robinson @DerekRobinson2. Both kept their comments short and not so sweet.

More tweets of the week tomorrow (Tuesday) when Much Maligned Mick, geof, richard!, Peter Murphy, Dani Bevins, Dr Sheep Person, Ronni Salt, Your Average Punter and Stuart Tomlinson have their spray on THAT heading, plus a few more topics of the past week to boot, including a wonderful attack on that LNP airhead Karen Andrews for shooting off her mouth!

PS: Is LNP airhead a tautology?