Shields, SMH still in the shit

The Bug‘s decision to run last week’s tweets in two instalments – given how many responses came in thick and fast over the disgraceful, unprofessional, dangerous heading The Sydney Morning Herald ran in both its hardcopy and online platforms last Saturday (pictured below) – also gave our judges a chance for a rethink.

Our judges decided to add a second tweet of the week winner to that awarded yesterday to Ruby Red @ThongLyn for this effort .

We hope Ruby Red doesn’t minb sharing the non-monetary award that’s not in the mail.

But who summed up the SMH shitshow the best? Any of yesterday’s and today’s contributions could have won but our judges finally settled on the powerful words of geof @Geof4icac (at top and below).

What wonderful hashtags! Bevan Shields as the SMH’s “resident roach”! And geof demanding to know how the SMH and Shields could “vomit this abhorrent dog whistling grab”.

Remind us, Geof, never to get in your bad books.

Richard! @richo_1973 used far fewer words to say pretty much the same thing…. and what a wonderful SMH slapdown it was….

Dr Sheep Person aka Underclass Prole @noplaceforsheep was also sharp and short and we’ve taken the liberty of guessing what he was talking about.

Marie sarjeant @marie_sarjeant suggested someone at the SMH needed to be sacked or charged by the police, perhaps both.

While Ronni Salt @RonniSalt and Dani Bevins @DaniKBevins exchanged their thoughts on the SMH shitmozzle.

Much Maligned Mick (and we’re sorry to hear that, mate. Don’t let people get you down!) @MainBeachMick shared Dr Sheep Person’s view of the Australian mainstream mediocre.

And, finally on the issue of newspapers or nongs sprouting truly repulsive and dangerous rubbish, let’s send a big hello to LNP airhead Karen Andrews who came out with the risible dribble last week that an Australian assassination attempt is imminent.

Peter Murphy @PeterWMurphy1 and Your Average Punter @Your_Avg_Punter didn’t hold back on a shadow minister seemingly hellbent on:

  1. Giving blondes a bad name, or
  2. Showing just how bereft of talent The Spud with Dead Eyes’s Opposition frontbench must be to have Karen Andrews on it.

And if The Bug had a weekly tweet award for gross understatement, Michael J Wyllie @michaelJwyllie would have cleaned up with this.