Twitterverse feels for Rupe

Most weeks, a tweet that has fun with a certain flaccid-arsed, ethically bereft, money-hungry, self-centred nonagenarian cunt who lives alone in New York would stand a very good chance of being judged The Bug‘s tweet of the week.

As we mentioned yesterday in our first serving of the best tweets from the past week or so, our judges couldn’t go past one defending Anthony Albanese squeeze-de-jour Jodie Haydon from stupid attacks from a petty, biased, media. That’s if you could call Daily Mail Australia media.

So we do want to pay tribute to paul bassett davies @thewritetype who wished the Dirty Digger a fresh start and a fresh tail after his split with Jerry Hall.

Rupert Murdoch also got a mention in a tweet from Jenny Frecklington-Jones @JonesHowdare… What’s there not to like about Jenny’s mum, eh?

Also taking a critical look at the media was ARTHUR FRIEND @psyclaw….

…while Jacoby @adamjacoby made so, so, many Australians just that little bit happier with this short sharp observation/reminder.

On a totally different tack, the fur was flying as Michael J Wyllie went into bat for our national fauna emblem. Spot on, Michael. Enough is enough!

One of the twitterverse’s finest operators, Ronni Salt @RonniSalt suggested Peter Dutton had a certain premature problem.

While leevardi @leevardi had some words of advice for newly elected independents bellyaching about their staff allotments.

And, finally, here are a few late tweets that came in over Anthony Albanese’s OS soujourn with his partner Jodie Haydon. Well said, Peter Murphy @PeterWMurphy1 and MelissaD etc etc etc etc etc @D_Melis….

Trash, indeed, MelissaD. With no indication, whatsoever, that they are capable of changing for the better.