Credlin lauds Kenny’s expose

Sky News “after dark” commentator Peta Credlin (main picture) has described her colleague Chris Kenny’s special report on the ABC as “an expose of a bloated, left-leaning, woke, money pit” that justifies calls for the public broadcaster to be sold off as soon as possible to private interests.

Ms Credlin told her viewer last night that Kenny should be awarded a Gold Walkley Award for his Your ABC Exposed program which “lifts the lid on the Labor-leaning, Sydney-centric hippy commune disguised as a broadcasting organisation”.

“Chris Kenny has exposed everything that’s wrong with our blatantly biased public broadcaster,” she said.

“His program presents compelling, indeed irrefutable, evidence – as if we needed any more – of the need to abolish the ABC.

“I thought the ABC was bad but Chris Kenny has shown it’s far worse than everyone realises and he has shown just how badly Australians are being let down by a politically biased broadcaster they are funding but which is shortchanging them each hour of every day.”

Ms Credlin said Kenny’s program would air on 26 July and she looked forward to watching a preview close to its broadcast date.


Opposition Leader Peter Dutton says Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has failed the ensure a Ukraine victory over Russia during his flying visit to the war-torn nation.

“I said from day one that the Albanese Government would fail and the Prime Minister himself has given us evidence of that,” Mr Dutton said.

“Anthony Albanese  had plenty of opportunity on his holiday in Ukraine to make sure Russia was defeated.”

Asked what he would do if he were in Mr Albanese’s position, Mr Dutton was unequivocal.

“I’m going to shirtfront Mr Putin. Aaaah, you bet you are. Aaaah, you bet I am,” he said.


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tried to explain his decision to approve the appointment of MP Chris Pincher as the Conservative Party’s deputy chief whip.

Mr Pincher, who quit his role last week after the announcement of an investigation into allegations he sexually assaulted two men at his London club, was appointed to the influential parliamentary role only in February.

Mr Johnson told reporters at a 10 Downing Street news conference that he had every confidence in Mr Pincher at the time of his appointment.

“I say chaps, and chapettes, I was advised at the time that Mr Pincher was a well known fag. Well who wasn’t when they were at school? What-ho hey?” he said.

“I remember my time at Eton when if one had the means one could still enjoy all the benefits of fagging.

“I tell you it certainly stiffened the younger chaps – no chapettes there of course. And the older boys were pretty stiffened by the experience too. Hey ho.

“So you can see it is totally understandable how I came to approve his appointment. If I hadn’t I would have been destroying a great British tradition,” Mr Johnson said before ignoring a barrage of questions and shuffling sideways out of the room singing a version of the Hokey Pokey with smutty lyrics.