Anti-Albo clowns cop a hiding

Two related topics that blew up late in the week grabbed all the attention of The Bug’s tweets of the week judges.

Showing just how desperate the devastated right of Australian politics has become, those shattered remnants launched a laughable @where’salbo? campaign to try to make capital out of Anthony Albanese staying overseas instead of rushing home to the flooded south-east coastline of Oz.

The poor things thought they saw similarities between lardarse loser Smoko Morrison lounging on hols in Hawaii AFTER Australia started to burn with Albanese’s important, pre-planned OS trip. This is not drowning-men-clutching-at-straws stuff, Buggers! We need a new saying. These are pathetic individuals calling out in futile hope from beyond the grave.

They’ve made Hollie Hughes’s comments since the election sound almost reasonable!

But before we run some excellent responses to those absurd accusations, there was another sickening attempt to damage Albanese while abroad: why was his girlfriend there with him! Hey!!! And more than just that! Do Australians really know what she is like!

For that attack, The Bug‘s judges couldn’t go past Victoria Fielding’s @DrVicFielding take on the issue. What sound advice, Doctor! Ladies, be careful!

That’s right! Jodie Haydon is Australia’s Sydney Ellen Wade! Anytime now, Senator Bob Rumson …. sorry, Peter “The Prime Minister has a girlfriend!” Dutton …. is going to produce photos of Jodie Haydon at some rally where the Australian flag was being burned! Or worse still … tape of Jodie expressing a view that no new gas and coal fields should be allowed! Or that she once voted Greens! Or, heaven forbid, she sometimes goes commando! Oh, the shame that would bring on Australia’s reputation at home and abroad!

Surely divorce would have to follow for the Albaneses? Oh, that’s right! They are not even married. Jodie is just Albanese’s girlfriend – his current squeeze – as the Daily Mail Australia gleefully pointed out in its dreadful piece. Why should Australian taxpayers fork out for separate hotel rooms while this pair are away?

The Bug has a lot of issues with the Daily Mail Australia, the main one being it’s not in print form so we can wipe our fucking arses with it!

So, back to the PM’s OS travels. Our judges were also so impressed with Robert @VanishedOOOne that we gave him a double dip.

Here’s Georgia Steele’s @steele4hughes take on the issue….

… while both Coalition Empathy Coach @monty_moriarty and Aussie Camel @aussiecamel9745 used the issue to also take a swipe at Smoko Morrison. Remember him? Wasn’t he a celebrity chef or something? On the Australian version of Home Improvements? Showed us how to build dog kennels and cubby houses?

Editor’s note: Tomorrow, Tuesday, we’ll run tweets that covered other issues of note over the past week.