New news probe at News


News Crap Australia has established a special internal committee of inquiry following agitation by its senior editorial staff to investigate how the group recently missed a major story of international interest.

The committee (main picture) will hold its first meeting today to examine the circumstances that led to News Crap Australia’s multi-media news outlets failing to cover the reported marriage split of its international chair Rupert Murdoch and his fourth wife, former fashion model Jerry Hall.

The editor of one of the Murdoch media’s Australian metropolitan dailies who claimed to have sparked the inquiry told The Bug he had been shocked that the group missed the story.

“Yesterday after I had finished participating in a national hook-up of News Crap editors steering our national Your Right To Know campaign I had a few moments spare,” said the editor who requested anonymity.

“So I decided to do a bit of Googling about Rupert because I know he is a great supporter of our campaign that has torn strips off various government for keeping their citizens in the dark about significant issues.

“Imagine my surprise when my internet search showed up several hundred stories about the split between Rupert and Jerry. (pictured)

“I was shocked. My first response was to ask around the newsroom: ‘When did this happen?’ But everyone I asked was equally ignorant of the story.

“We were beaten to the punch by our rivals which is something I know Rupert never likes to happen. I mean, even a French news website had a story saying: ‘Le magnat de la presse Rupert Murdoch, 91 ans, et sa quatrième épouse, la mannequin américaine Jerry Hall, vont divorcer.’

“I found a Vietnamese newspaper that had reported: ‘Cựu siêu mẫu Jerry Hall đệ đơn ly dị tỉ phú Rupert Murdoch.’

“Even a Spanish news site was reporting: ‘Nuevo divorcio para Rupert Murdoch, el magnate de los medios de comunicación. La top model Jerry Hall ha pedido el divorcio tras seis años de matrimonio, con un enlace que se celebró en 2016.’

“It seems like everyone in the world know about the story except us. I really don’t know how we missed it.

“So I rang around other editors and we asked for a special inquiry which I’m sure will pinpoint the cause and ensure it never happens again,” the editor said.