Baz lures pollies for remake

Fresh from helming a biopic of Elvis Presley, Aussie director Baz Luhrmann has been secretly on location in Queensland filming a big-screen version of the hit 1960s US television sitcom Gilligan’s Island.

The big surprise is in the cast, with a number of current and former federal MPs playing the crew and passengers of the pleasure boat that the original American sitcom had beached on a desert island, forcing them to rely on their own skills and initiatives to escape.

My Industry sources tell me Luhrmann has planned the movie less as a comedy and more of a “dramedy”.

“Baz’s films have always had a deeper meaning behind them,” one insider told me. “He views the original premise of the 1960s TV series –  a disparate, and desperate, group of people marooned well away from civilisational and reality – as a metaphor for the post-election Liberals.”

To that end Luhrmann has been successful in luring former prime minister Scott Morrison and defeated federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg to take on lead roles as the Skipper and the eponymous first-mate Gilligan. (main picture)

“The Skipper was always a character whose opinion of his own talents far exceeded those talents themselves and Gilligan was a pretty much a bumbling buffoon who achieved anything positive only by accident, so perfect casting there I say,” my source said.

“Baz has also secured the services of another former PM in Malcolm Turnbull to play Thurston Howell III, the entitled, lazy, and opinionated millionaire who tells everyone else what to do but does very little himself. (pictured)

“Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie makes a cameo as the fresh-faced naive farm girl Mary Ann and Michaela Cash plays Ginger in, shall we say, her unique way.” (pictured)

I understand shooting has been under way for some weeks on South Stradbroke Island and at the Village Roadshow studios on the Gold Coast.

“Baz is very happy about how the shoot is going,” my source told me. “The cast he has picked are meeting every expectation he had of them, but he is still hanging out for at least a walk-on role by Peter Dutton.

“He’d like him to recreate the character of Wrongway Feldman, (pictured) the incompetent fighter pilot who appeared in several of the original episodes after regularly getting lost and heading in the totally wrong direction.

“I understand Mr Dutton is considering the offer,” my source said.