Mac attack wowed our judges

When you’re a rabid, right-wing “newspaper” with an almost pathological hatred of the Queensland Labor government; one that has shown over many years now will happily trash the basic tenets of fair and balance journalism to see that government gone, well, really, who are you going to call?

The answer for The Courier-Mail the other week was reporter Jack Mckay, who has won The Bug’s Media Glass House Arselicker of the Month award for June.

There’s a ring or two at the Courier that are now as shiny as new. And perhaps a really old, lonely one in New York. You could eat a meal off all of them.

Let’s set the scene as we suspect it might have played out in The Courier-Mail’s chief of staff office. Premier Palaszczuk has a new boyfriend. She’s changed her hair colour. Looks to be putting on some pounds, perhaps, now that she’s once again satisfied with the way life is pounding away at …. sorry panning out … for her.

It’s only natural then, that any woman under those circumstances now that they’re getting a bit would take their eye off the main game for the man game?

Have a look at that for us, Jack, the chief-of-staff might have said. Did we mention she’ll be on yet another red carpet tonight, cosying up to her new squeeze and forgetting she’s got a state to run!

And, willingly, Master McKay got stuck in. Boy, did he get stuck in!

Now our arselicker judges are not going to suggest that Jack McKay had anything to do with the fact that his story became the splash the next day. Or how the layout sub/artist picked the “I have never hit my wife” style splash head. Or that the jockey line would scream Red Carpet. And that the large sub-head would reinforce the “checked out” message.

Or that the inside story would be accompanied by other pointed, anti-Labor Courier splashes. Or that an extract from the paper’s editorial slamming the government would be part of that inside spread.

The bottom line is that Jack McKay didn’t let the team down. He gave it his all.

What an intro from the tyro! Well, we know nothing about Jack McKay; we’re assuming he’s young? Yet, somehow, we don’t think he’s got much to learn.

Here’s his intro….

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has defended her work ethic and insisted she has “fresh strategies” for the state as her Treasurer backed her in and said he had “zero interest” in the top job himself.

Further more, she works “seven days a week and would be back at her desk first thing today after last night’s party”.

Brilliant work, Jack! The Premier forced to defend her work ethic. She’s got fresh ideas coming to fill a barren void, supposedly! The Treasurer is not after her job! By the way ….. PARTY girl!

About the only accusation Jack McKay left out was that Palaszczuk, even if she has now given up completely despite her protestations to the contrary, hardly ever ran the state anyway and that she was basically a puppet of some union heavy!

Yes, we’re being sarcastic. That comes inside the paper. Let’s turn the pages over.

Palaczczuk was speaking from the Logies red carpet …RED CARPET!…. RED ALERT! “following accusations she had checked out from the job”.

McKay then runs some general guff from ex-Premier Peter “I’ve got something to say!” Beattie who ends with a warning that governments can go stale. We know, Peter. We know. Note here that Beattie is not the one making accusations that the woman who will shortly beat his term in office has checked out.

His comments came “amid revelations from Labor insiders that Ms Palaszczuk had “checked out” and become “a part-time premier” more interested in attending red carpet events than running the state and defers too much power to union boss Gary Bullock.

There you have it. The timely trifecta of anti-Labor propaganda. Or was it a quinella. Wham, bham, thank you M’am in any case.

Interesting, though, that the inspiration for the entire story comes from a paragraph buried deep in the piece. A cynic could almost believe Jack McKay is almost embarrassed by his internal ALP sources.

Nevertheless, Jack Mckay, you were on fire, lad! The Bug will be surprised if the lazy, red-carpet treading, champagne-swilling, sexually satisfied, increasingly chubby, what-will-her-hair-colour -be-today?, is-that-another-new-frock-taxpayers-will-be-paying- for?, policy-free zone that is the woman leading one of the most corrupt governments in world political history even had the guts to rock up in George street after your expose!

The Bug will be watching Jack McKay’s contributions with growing admonition over the next two and a quarter years as he helps rid Queensland of this wretched, socialist Labor mob. Oh, how he will laud the next Premier David Crisafulli for selflessly spending six hours after a day’s hard work to attend future Logies events to try to make sure they stay in Queensland. In fact, what a shame he wasn’t at this year’s event!

We are quietly confident that, over time, Jack McKay is going to put the likes of former Courier golden girl Renee Veillaris well and truly in the shade.

We won’t ask Jack McKay to look up her body of work for News Queensland. Our best bet is that Viellaris’s work is already a much-admired template of Jack McKay’s for climbing the editorial ladder at the LNP’s Bowen Hills branch.

Don Gordon-Brown