Vicki’s entry shits it in!

It’s okay for winners to be grinners but they’ve also got to show some class and style as well, right?

Winners are entitled to celebrate but they should also be magnanimous in victory and capable of showing compassion and common decency towards those they have vanquished … aw, who the fuck are we trying to kid, especially when the beaten side is the rotten shitty Morrison government? Right?

It’s why The Bug‘s tweet of the week judges couldn’t go past the offering (at top and below) from Vicki Bourke – Retrospective Federal ICA @VickiBour…. whatevers!

If there were a prize for our tweet of the week, Vicki and her family would be having a meal on us at Engadine Maccas.

Proving that The Bug’s twitterfeed is full of vicious people, Dan Moody @danmood71478510 had this interesting take on Angus Taylor, reaching back in history for a suitable comparison.

The beaten Deputy Prime Minister, the man who earned more for some scribbled notes on barroom beer coasters than many Australians earn in a decade of hard work, also got roughed up a bit. Brian Alexander @BrianAlex665 and and Jaqueline Outram @JaquelineOutram provided these fine efforts, with Jaqueline showing skills as a sub-editor, fixing a Beetrooter article heading by sensibly removing the unnecessary words “political vision”.

Beethoven @Beethov39075926, Loose Unit @twistsangels and Pande Mick au @compass1312 all had wry observations about the 21 May election outcome as well.

Now, lettuce take a break from politics for a while. Why? Just cos…..

The judges really liked this offering from Pup Fiction @jjjove ….

… as they did these offerings from Laura Harding @LHSyd and Michael J Wyllie @michaelJwyllie

Back to politics briefly, with this offering from this nice little hit on Hollie Hughes from ShiannonCorcoran @ShiannonC


And, finally, tweets about the media. Lollygagga @Kamaji60234923 had this heartfelt message for Phillip Coorey of The Australian Financial Review.

Adam W Rhys @PastUseByDate had this creative excuse for missing an episode of RN Breakfast.

Vacuuming the roof space! Excellent.

And finally, and rather poignantly, TrapperJohn84 @TrapperJohn84 provided this creative piece centred on dialogue between some former and present ABC scribes.

A channel devoted to journalism. We’d like to see that!