Royals take to the streets

Her Majesty the Queen has taken the monarchy into uncharted constitutional waters by overtly backing her son and heir Prince Charles in his previously private criticisms of the UK Government’s policy of sending asylum seekers to the African nation of Rwanda.

Her Majesty has mobilised her rarely used in-house royal trade union, the Sovereign and Heirs Action Group (SHAG), to stage a public protest outside 10 Downing Street (main picture) against the policy which the Prince of Wales reportedly attacked as “appalling” in private conversations with associates.

My royal sources tell me Her Majesty is not afraid to take “take it to the streets” when it comes to her opposition to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s new policy because she has never liked him either personally or politically.

“Her Majesty actually established SHAG when Jeremy Corbyn was Labor Party leader and she backed his far-left hardcore socialists policies,” a senior courtier confided in me.

“Too many people assume that Her Majesty is a political conservative. In fact she is no fan of the Conservative Party and at one stage actually flirted with the idea of setting up a Buckingham Palace branch of the Labour Party but that’s on the backburner at the moment.

“She is actually a ‘leftie’ and sometimes gets quite ‘bolshie’ on matters of public policy.

“She has never really warmed to any of the Tory PMs who have held office during her reign, especially Margaret Thatcher. But Her Majesty finds Mr Johnson especially distasteful and privately dismisses him as a ‘baboon-haired buffoon’.

“It’s the real reason she skipped so many of her own Platinum Jubilee events. Her Majesty can’t stand being in the same room, or even the same city as the PM.”

My royal source told me that the Sovereign and Heirs Action Group, while obviously comprising a very limited membership, also had a minimum age requirement of 18 set by Her Majesty when she established the union.

“SHAG’s membership right now is limited to just Her Majesty, the Prince of Wales, and Prince William, as Prince George won’t be able to join for a decade or so,” my source explained.

“Her Majesty has made good use of her own rule by deliberately and mischievously annoying the Prince of Wales by declaring she is determined to reign long enough for young Prince George to join the union.

“She just loves watching him silently fume and to see his face and especially his ears turn bright red whenever she makes that point,” my source said.