New wave of English usage

The bitter old hacks who compile the Media Glass House fondly remember a time in the craft of journalism when correct use of English meant something.

Good grammar was important; basic stuff like the noble idea that a singular noun deserved a singular verb. Example: A boy, 15, is being held for questioning… Or: Two boys, 15 and 17, are being held…

Doesn’t jar anywhere near as much as .. A boy, 15, are being held… does it?

Sadly, it seems the remaining sub-editor at the hard-copy edition of Murdoch’s national broadshit The Australian doesn’t bother with such trifling basics, especially if there’s a crowded space for the splash heading to fill.

But the shitpaper’s online editor didn’t care to correct the problem either when more than enough space for correct English was available.

Who would have thought that a newspaper that writes shit can’t write for shit?

And we won’t get started – please try to stop us from getting started! – about the gross exaggeration being employed by the use of the word “wave”.

Murdoch’s national LNP publicity shitsheet would love nothing more than to convince Australians that since the Albanese government stopped the four-year-long and very expensive incarceration and systemic mental torture of the Biloela Four, they could now safely walk to Indonesia from north-west Australia and not get their feet wet simply by stepping from one boat carrying refugee CRIMINALS! to the next in line.


The MGH has occasionally mentioned how the little mistakes in journalism can still provide a chuckle, even though they are rather harmless compared with the disgraceful, full-throated bias that much of our mainstream mediocre engages in.

Brisbane BUGger Nick Bray spotted this lovely little mistake in Saturday’s edition of The Courier-Mail and commented on Farcebook: “It’s a miracle! Sperm donor and doctor reaches the remarkable age of 670. Reported in today’s Courier-Mail, so it must be true!”

Well spotted, Nick.

The MGH has looked further into this story and this poor prick’s life was a rather sad one after he turned 75.

Things only started to look up for Doctor Whittaker when Viagra, released commercially 24 years ago when he was only 646, allowed him to return to his pet hobby of sperm donating without the need for electric shocks.