Ford faces down charity request

A US-based charity group raising awareness of Ramsay Hunt syndrome has revealed that Hollywood star Harrison Ford rejected its overtures to help publicise the condition that mainly affects facial muscles.

A spokesperson for the RH Awareness Foundation said the group was happy that pop star Justin Bieber had made the decision to reveal that he has been fighting the condition.

“Justin has been very brave in coming forward and his revelation has already seen an upsurge in people contacting us wanting to know how they can help raise more awareness, support those with the condition that freezes facial muscles, and most importantly how they can help fund medical research into Ramsay Hunt syndrome,” the spokesperson said.

“The RH Awareness Foundation initially sought a meeting with Harrison Ford in a bid to have him make a public statement that he has been an RH sufferer for decades.

“That was obvious to us when we rewatched some of his blockbuster roles in films such as Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark and others in the Indiana Jones franchise, plus the crime suspense drama Witness. (main picture)

 “He rejected the idea out of hand and dismissed our analysis of his on-screen appearances. Turns out he’s just a shit actor,” the spokesperson said.


US political observers believe tensions are reaching breaking point between former US President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka following the airing of her testimony at the Congressional hearing into the 6 January 2021 invasion of the Capitol in Washington DC.

Ms Trump told the Congressional committee inquiring into the riots that she believed the then US Attorney-General William Barr who said he had forcefully told President Trump that his repeated claims of having the 2020 election “stolen” from him were “bullshit”.

Donald Trump immediately took to social media to dismiss his own daughter’s testimony by claiming she was not deeply involved in White House discussions at the time.

His message said: “Ivanka Trump was not involved in looking at, or studying, election results.”

But observers have since noted a subtle change in Mr Trump’s language in his subsequent social media posts in which he has referred to his daughter as “Treacherous RINO Bitch”.


One face will be missing from the crowd today when the Cronulla Sharks go up against the New Zealand Warriors at a showcase NRL match being played at Redcliffe north of Brisbane.

Former prime minister Scott Morrison said he had no plans to fly to Brisbane to see the match in person and would not be watching live on TV.

In fact Mr Morrison seemed less than fully informed about the match when contacted by phone at his Sydney home yesterday which he has reoccupied with his family after moving out of Kirribilli House following his government’s election defeat.

“The Cronulla what?” he said when asked if he remained a strong supporter of the club.