Voters fed up already

The Albanese Government has been in office for just under three weeks. The Bug took to the streets to find out how the new government is going in the eyes of voters. We found a deep well of resentment has already built up against the new Labor Party administration.

Peta Dutton aged 51 – housewife from Strathpine, Queensland

“The soft, lefty, ‘inclusive’ approach of the Albanese Government is a recipe for disaster. As a woman I have never liked wishy-washy shades like mauve or beige, and especially not teal. I like things to be black or white. White manly, I mean mainly.”

Dieter Putton aged 51 – small business owner from Strathpine, Queensland

“Albanese is hopeless. He’s taken far too long to get not one but two asylum seeker families – the Nadesalingams and the Murugappans – back to Biloela. We need a federal government that knows where these type of people belong and makes sure they stay there.”

Morris Scottson aged 54 – marketing genius from Cronulla NSW

“I can’t for the life of me understand what was wrong with the last government. I spoke to my wife Jenny…. I mean Joanie, yes Joanie. That’ll do. I spoke to Joanie last night about it and she told me to shut the fuck up and leave her out of it for once.”

Pee “Turd” Utton aged 51 – former police officer from Strathpine, Queensland

“China is threatening to start a war and invade Australia and we’ll soon see soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army bayoneting babies in their mothers’ stomachs and  rounding up innocent Australians, herding them into the streets and shooting them. Yet with that appalling inevitability in mind the Albanese Government hasn’t delivered one new submarine to the Royal Australian Navy, despite having three weeks to do so. I said…. I mean Mr Dutton said the Albanese Government would fail and this is just further proof.”

Monsieur Toad Poisson aged 42, actor from Melbourne, Victoria…. sorry, Paris, France

“Je blamez l’Albo pour le cancellation d’opera du soap Neighbours apres 37 ans. Ou est moi gonna work maintenant?”