The eventual removal of SquatMo

Sadistic as they are, The Bug‘s Tweet of the Week judges couldn’t go past those wonderful two weeks when former PM Scott Morrison and his extended family sooked in Kirribilli House after the 21 May election.

Our judges selected this brutal observation (above and below) as last week’s winner. Well done Greg Keough @keough_greg. Doesn’t hold a packing box. Beautiful.

Others among the 52.8 per cent of relieved Australians to take sadistic pleasure over the final bird-flip at them by arguably the political world’s greatest ever marketer and campaigner were sandy sm @equityliberty and Mobs @Mobsy1812

Now, let’s look at some other tweets that helped send SquatMo on his way. Probably the one that is the most deep and meangingful in trying to understand the pain this nation went through these past four years was Ewart, Dave @davidbewart. No discernible purpose indeed.

No noble ones, anyway. We took that as read, Ewart, Dave.

bradpsychology @bradpsychology picked up on Smoko’s last-gasp, disgraceful, unprincipled, bid to turn the election around and compared that with what the dreadful cunt did hide from electors…

Before we move onto the Twitterverse’s reaction to the appointment as federal Opposition Leader of Lord Vold… sorry, Peter Dutton…. Guildford – Nut Gone Flake @Guildford had this nice observation on the new Prime Minister Antony Albanese.

On Dutton, michael halliday777 @michaelhallida4 had this nice putdown….

… while Dead Parrot Society @MyFirstCousin was equally brutal…

and Intern Amanda @intern_amanda1 had a go at some wonderful SkyNews gross stupidity/major reality denial and the Dirty Digger’s waning influence on politics everywhere.

Also on Dutton’s shadow ministry, we liked how 9 Corrupt years @cruicerod looked outside the square to find 10 women suitable for his front bench. Aah, the quality available to Lord Vol.. sorry, Dutton!

In fact, we’ll give 9 Corrupt years a second go with another observation out of left field. A talent smear indeed! Twitter gold.

Finally let’s look at some observations on our disgracefully biased, right-wing leaning, mainstream mediocre and the role it thought it was playing in keeping SquatMo in power. Eddy Jokovich @EddyJokovich had this to say..

Aunty wasn’t blameless, as Bronwyn Clark @BronwynHill1 explained. Well, okay, she maybe was referring to the post-election period but we’ll take a punt that it was a general observation over recent months.

Miro Jurcevic @mirojurcevic and jimboeatsworld @bigjimsta both had a dig at Leigh “I’ve always hated lockdowns and we should have let it rip” Sales.

And last but not least, here’s phillip ‘Gypsy’ manning @phillipandgypsy with a sadly accurate observation, similar to Eddy’s above, about the MSM’s behaviour before and after 21 May.